3 Ways Of Manicure Meets Fashion

30 Jun 2012

Oh. Nail art, nail art. I get manicure envy whenever I see girls with pretty bling-ed out nail art but I know that I can’t handle the maintenance of sticking too many crystals, bells and whistles on my nails because I do housework and I clean up after my kitty (my fear is for a tiny crystal to fall off somewhere and she eats it!). Crystals on nails are beautiful to look at, but a pain in the ass too whenever I shampoo because they get stuck in my hair. -__-” Hence, I usually opt for something much simpler and not too fussy. Ever since I got on the Gelish bandwagon, I want a manicure that’s decorative and visually pleasing, sans the high-maintenance. After all, I would have to live with my choice of nail art for a span of three weeks average. So I turn to fashion, art and design for inspiration. My choices for nail art often baffle my manicurist but she has been very obliging and she meets my requests without any question. I gotta say that so far she’s done a really amazing job for me and my nails. :)

Eames Small Dot Pattern
So we are all familiar and have seen numerous times the Eames chairs everywhere, but many may not know that the Eames duo had produced a very large and diverse body of work that also includes architectural drawings, photographs, and print. The most notable print I love is the black and white small dot pattern created in 1947. It’s so Jetsons-like in its simplicity.

Source: Cushions from Vitra Design Museum.

Emilio Pucci Kaleidoscope
Emilio Pucci’s collection is best known for its signature prints. The iconic print consists of graphic, abstract designs which swirl in a kaleidoscope of colors. The joyful prints and exuberant use of color, combined with exquisitely designed silhouettes, make Emilio Pucci shoes indispensable accessories for chic, glamorous women.

Source: Psychadelic Pink Print Dress from Emilio Pucci  Spring 2007 RTW, Emilio Pucci Cosmetic Bag, Emilio Pucci Shoes.

Dolce & Gabanna Star Motif
D&G’s star motif was a hit with Hollywood and frankly, even I am also infected by this fun motif. I have this yellow dress sitting inside my closet for months now as I haven’t found an occasion to wear it out. Soon, soon!

Source: Yellow Star Gown from Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2011-12.

So the next time you’re looking for something new and different on your nails, perhaps you can check out your wardrobe and use your favorite outfits as inspiration. :D


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