5 Tips on Accessorizing with Statement Necklaces

1 Nov 2012

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As we know, statement necklaces are the rage everywhere nowadays, which is awesome because there are so many beautiful choices available for us to pick and choose from. The good news is, they aren’t expensive and wearing one really makes an impact on your overall style. The bad news is… well, they are so fancy and memorable that if you wear the same ones over and over again, people will definitely notice (and you don’t want that!). Which brings me back to the good news, you can afford to own more than one or two. Yay. ;P

Recently, I came across this cute store online with beautiful statement necklaces as well as other accessories such as earrings and bracelets. I shortlisted three different styles of statement necklaces for this post, along with my tips for wearing them. AND! I have an exclusive discount code for my blog readers to shop at Sort & Pepper too so please read on.

I love wearing statement necklaces because they are so large and gaudy. Makes me feel like I’m royalty from ancient times when I put on a statement necklace. Like, Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth I.  Heh. :) The other reason why I love them is because I’m wearing art on my neck, since the designs are so beautiful and some have very intricate details/textures.

Sort & Pepper | The Moonberry Blog

Statement Necklace Tip #1: Generally speaking, avoid wearing a statement necklace when your outfit already has prints and lots of colors. The statement necklace often gets lost visually in a sea of competing colors and patterns, so a solid colored outfit works best imo.

Statement Necklace Tip #2: Wearing a statement necklace at the workplace can be a wee tricky and some bosses may not approve of it. Professional attire is after all required and a necklace design that’s too playful or fun may not be all that appropriate in the workplace. Go for a minimalist, simple style like the Sort & Pepper Making Waves Wired Up Silver Necklace shown above. It is elegant while still retaining its edginess.

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Statement Necklace Tip #3: Vintage-inspired designs, like the above Sort & Pepper Peacock Decorative Collar Necklace (also shown in opening image), are very classy. I’ve observed that the design motifs are usually derived from the 1920’s Art Nouveau period; you will often see dynamic, undulating curves and gilded gold, bronzy-shades are the color of choice. Vintage-inspired statement necklaces look ultra feminine and can carry you through from daytime wear to evening outfits.

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Statement Necklace Tip #4: Large geometric shapes, like the color-blocking panels in this Sort & Pepper Aztech Necklace shown above, or clusters of faceted faux gemstones, sunburst patterns, or even formation of feathers add an interesting visual element to your overall look. Just don’t wear them all together please, keep it to just one necklace.

Statement Necklace Tip #5: When you wear a statement necklace, it should sit squarely right on or slightly below your collar bone. If it’s hugging you around the neck like a choker, it’s way too short.

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I hope you find these tips helpful!

Out of the three necklaces I’ve highlighted above, which one would you go for personally: The Minimalist? The Vintage-inspired? or The Geometrical?

Go on and start browsing at the Sort & Pepper website too, to check out the other beautiful statement necklaces they have. If you’re keen to get a few items, here’s a discount code for you:

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New items are added to the site weekly, so bookmark the Sort & Pepper website, follow on Twitter and Facebook page.

Enjoy the discount and have fun shopping!


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