A Note From The Universe

12 Dec 2012

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A Note from The Universe

One of abundance’s many corollaries, Moonberry, is that the brighter your light, the more you attract… everything.

Moths and butterflies.

At which point you begin learning what to celebrate and what to let fly on by.

Or who,
The Universe

PS: You’re such a flame.

Do you believe in magic? I do. Not the kind of pulling a bunny out of a hat trick, but the invisible sort that takes place silently in the background of our daily lives and you only realize in retrospect how it has transformed your existence, slowly but surely. Like, one day you wake up to take stock of your life and realize, “Wow. No one told me how awesome it actually is now.” That’s the kind of magic that is probably better known as blessings, in the guise of positive experiences. An abundance of them too, no less.

Ten years ago on this day, I experienced something incredibly beautiful which I thought would last for eternity, but it did not. Ten years later today, I am finally at peace even though it is incredulous how crazy quickly the time has passed. Like, geez who the heck pressed the fast forward button!?!? Some days I feel as though I could remember some of those years with tack sharp clarity. Then some days I feel as though those years were fuzzy and my memories of them were becoming selective. I suppose this is a sure sign of leaving the past behind, gleaning only what the heart wants to remember – which in my case, are emotional imprints of the happier occasions. And that’s really great, because if there’s anything from the past to be remembered, I of course want the happy memories to be somewhat permanent.

This year in particular has been really kind to me and I’ve gone on quite an amazing personal journey. Don’t stop believing in magic and may the light within all of us continue to shine brighter than ever in the upcoming new year, attracting all that our hearts desire, manifesting our dreams into reality. (But seriously, whoever is doing the pressing need to lay off that fast forward button! Sheesh.)

TEN friggin’ years!? ….. WOT??? I feel as though I’ve time traveled.


2 Responses to A Note From The Universe

  1. Tika Divas says:

    The universe is so magical & works in the most mysterious ways. I share a similar story in that I spent 7 long years with someone I thought was my forever – turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, had I not met him & followed him around the globe, I would never have met my husband through many channels of people that are no longer in our lives. Really leaves you in awe. I’ve been following you since your live journal days in which I found you serendipitously so I remember your story & struggle :( Still love reading your lively blog & social media content – keep up the fabulous work girlfriend! You’re journey gets better & better with time! -Xo Tika

    • MB says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment and also for sharing your personal story. Aww, I had no idea that you have been following my journey since the LJ days!!! *pleasantly surprised* :))) The decade ahead will be much more exciting for us, that’s for sure. Sistahs of the world unite!!! *MUAHZ*


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