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7 Jun 2011

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The background scoop

A few weeks ago I inadvertently found myself and my blog nominated for the Singapore Blog Awards organized by, in the Adonis Best Beauty Blog category. This came as a pleasant surprise and totally unexpected because if you’ve been following my blog long enough, you’ll know that I don’t usually write often about beauty stuff. I mean, huh? Beauty Blog??? Who am I to be an authority in the beauty department right? I am still fumbling around, figuring out what the most appropriate procedures and suitable products for my skin are because admittedly, living in two different hemispheres (N. Am and Asia) can cause a lot of confusion to my skin and body.

I have written about the skincare treatments I underwent, the products I’ve tried, the spas I’ve been to and all that, with the primary objective of documenting it for myself and the secondary objective of sharing these experiences with my friends and readers thru this blog. After all, isn’t that what blogging is all about anyway? :) Turned out the posts I’ve written previously relating to skincare and treatments had been sufficient to land me a spot in the Top 10 Finalists in this Adonis Beauty Blog category. Fuuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk….. This is too exciting for words. It motivates me to explore beauty blogging more and it is gonna be awesome for two reasons:

1. I get to gain new experiences and meet new people, expand my social circle along the way.

2. I can share exclusive beauty tips and body care insights with you all.

So yeah, I’m definitely pretty psyched. WHOOHOOOOOOO!!!

With all that said, over the span of the next several weeks, I will be blogging about my experience at Adonis Beauty so do follow me as I document all the wonderful things that they have in store for me. I can’t wait to share all that with you. ^^

About Adonis Beauty

The philosophy behind Adonis Beauty, which arose from the ancient Greek belief, is that the essential elements of life – Light, Oxygen, Water, Flora, and Energy – combine with the Spirit to flourish into eternal youth and beauty. These essential elements form the foundation of Adonis’ beauty therapies and embrace the Elements of Life to achieve eternal brilliance in beauty.

As someone with a firm spiritual belief, I have been a long-time subscriber to a holistic approach when it comes to health, but I have never quite experienced this comprehensively when it comes to skincare and beauty. I genuinely believe that the body is one sacred system where everything is inter-connected and what you put inside your body will be reflected on the outside. How you feel about yourself in the inside definitely has an impact on your aura and affects how you appear/behave in the eyes of the world. The lifestyle that you have chosen, how you think, what you eat, when you sleep, etc. all have some sort of effects on your physical appearance. Needless to say, I was very delighted to know that the treatments offered at Adonis are based on this holistic philosophy.

In order to create a series of customized treatments, the Adonis Beauty consultants devised three tests for me.

1. Iris Analysis Test

2. Blood Analysis Test

3. Skin Analysis Test

Wanna know what these tests revealed about my lifestyle habits and body? Maybe you will learn a thing or two that may be applicable to YOUR lifestyle and body too. Trust me, these test results were pretty amazing.

Sit tight and stay tuned for Chapter 2.

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