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28 Jun 2011

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LED Light Therapy Facial

LED (light-emitting diode) skin treatments, first developed by NASA in the 70s to speed healing during space travel, are now available and used in spas or doctors’ offices to treat acne and signs of skin aging. These devices use specific wavelengths of light to treat different skin problems. Research is solidly behind the new products, which seem to work— slowly perhaps, but very safely. via Based on this technology, Adonis Beauty offers LED Light Therapy Facial and this is a customized treatment tailored according to individual skin conditions and needs.

There are 4 colored LED lights available in this treatment at Adonis: RED, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE.

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Red LED Light Therapy may improve the following:
Aging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and chronic sensitivities such as rosacea or other redness. Stimulates collagen production.

Yellow LED Light Therapy may improve the following:
Lymphatic and blood circulation.

Green LED Light Therapy may improve the following:
Epidermal pigmented lesions, diminishes activities of pigment cells for corrective results.

Blue LED Light Therapy may improve the following:
Minimizes the activity of bacteria that causes acne, reduces inflammation.

LED therapy can also improve skin hydration, treat sunburn, lighten hyper-pigmentation. By the way, LED treatments consist of beneficial wavelengths only of natural light and are safe for any age, skin color or type. There is absolutely no discomfort, inflammation, discoloration, downtime, thermal damage or scarring. In fact, the treatment feels very relaxing and soothing. For my skin, the recommendation is to get red and green LED lights. Why? Because:

Red LEDs treat the signs of sun damage and aging by providing more energy to skin cells so they can work harder to heal themselves and produce the collagen and elastin that support healthy tissue.

Green LEDs are effective in diminishing the activities of pigment cells.

This time, instead of taking tons of pictures during the treatment, I decided to make a video of the LED Light Therapy at Adonis. It’s just a short 2-minute video but you’ll get to see the LED lights in action. It’s really cool. Kind like a sci-fi movie. }:)

Here’s the video. Enjoy! ^^

Art directed, filmed and produced by MB. © 2011 Moonberry. All rights reserved.

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