24 Apr 2012

The Moonberry Blog is pleased to offer advertising opportunities to businesses both large and small. Creative advertising is my game, I am an internet geek and I am an avid consumer too, so I have perspective from both sides when it comes to online marketing and visibility. Your brand gets recognition, my readers get valuable information from a reliable source, I get fresh blog content— I can’t think of a better win-win combination for everyone. Please get in touch to request my rate card.


A professionally-managed advertorial on The Moonberry Blog is a potent marketing platform because it combines the power of advertorial content with the benefits of Web 2.0 technologies, giving your message both reach and staying power. Reach comes from search engine optimization, blogosphere referrals, content syndication, social tagging, and so on. And unlike traditional media forms (print, direct mail, television, radio), blog content remains online, discoverable, and accessible for as long as you wish— continuing over time to reinforce your brand equity with near-zero incremental carrying cost. Let’s discuss how an advertorial on The Moonberry Blog can become the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy.

Sponsorship and Ambassadorship

Sponsored reviews connect your brand to consumers ‘guerilla marketing’ style to build brand visibility and buzz. Services, products and samples will be reviewed according to honesty of opinion and I reserve the rights to maintain the tone of my personal writing style. Freedom of speech, baby!

Advertising Banners

Ad banner placement is available on the right sidebar in a few selected sizes (static JPG file only please) on a half-yearly basis.

Event Invitation

Product launch, press conference, new store opening, food tasting or just one helluva cool party in town, really! Show me what’s happening in this town.

Product Discounts and Giveaways

Would you like to sponsor a contest or offer a discount exclusively for The Moonberry Blog readers? Exclusive readers-targeted discount and sponsored giveaways are just some of the new direct marketing of today. Everyone loves a good deal. We can work together to help your brand reach out to my readers and generate leads.

The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog adheres to a specific creative aesthetic and editorial direction, and we strictly observe a Disclosure Policy on Advertising Content so content on this blog is curated and collaborations are considered on a case-by-case basis. Thus, please accept my advance apology if your offer is not deemed to be the right fit for this blog.

Serious inquiries only please. Thanks for your interest and kind consideration.



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