Affordable Art Fair Singapore (Spring 2017)

7 Dec 2017

I’m always delighted to check out the Affordable Art Fair and I try to pop in as often as I can every year. Even though I have missed several in recent years, I managed to visit the Spring edition this year. The Affordable Art Fair shows in Singapore have come a long way since the first time I went in 2010, from the setup to the participating galleries and curation of artists, it is more and more sophisticated.

This year I briefly went through the halls and spotted some pieces which caught my eye.

Sassiness on fleek.

Artist: Dani “King” Heriyanto
Title: Love Hating Love
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Cost: S$5,000

These polar bears with a dollop of ice cream on their backs are so full of whimsy!

Artist: Byun Dae Yong
Title: How To Move A Baby Bear’s Ice Cream, 2016 (3/6)
Medium: FRP, Urethane Paint
Cost: S$6,900

Artist: Byun Dae Yong
Title: How To Move  Ice Cream, 2015 (5/6)
Medium: FRP, Urethane Paint
Cost: S$10,000

Artist: Byun Dae Yong
Title: Baby Bear, 2016 (3/6)
Medium: FRP, Urethane Paint
Cost: S$4,500

From afar, I was drawn to this painting depicting blue effervescence (top) but it was the smaller canvas (below) that captured my imagination. A burst of balloons rising from open capsules against a stage curtain, this painting had me thinking of various expressions of release and euphoria. Art is subjective, obvs. Kinda wish I had bought this.

Artist: Lee Dong Uk
Title: From A Cool Break, 2016
Medium: Oil on canvas
Cost: S$3,500

If only I have ample wall space in my kitchen or dining area for this series. At first glance they look like a 2D image, but upon closer inspection, they turn out to be 3-dimensional with the front lip of the bowls sticking out and blending in seamlessly with the background image. I think the alignment, contours, and shadows are executed masterfully.

Artist: Lee Yong Soo
Title: Untitled Bo., 2012-2014
Medium: Colored polycoat on Diasec
Cost: S$4,000

Because I have a thing for fish motif (I’m a Pisces), these definitely grabbed my attention. I love how the little fish are suspended in a clear resin and it’s truly an invitation to admire each individual fish with its delicate translucent fins. The traditional Korean slippers with tiny fish floating inside are adorable.

Artist: Shin Hyung Ioc
Title: Untitled
Medium: Acrylic on resin
Cost: Varies

The art pieces that presently hang on my walls are all acquired from Affordable Art Fair a few years ago. Every year there are always interesting pieces that I find beautiful and wish to bring home, but there’s only so much wall space left in my apartment!

I leave you with the two statements below.

Read about my visit in 2010, 2011 (part 1 and part 2).

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  1. Manish says:

    Nice art and designs. Superbly talented person. I personally liked it very much.


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