Art Stage Singapore 2011 – Favorite Works Part 1

17 Jan 2011

The Moonberry Blog

There were many pieces which struck me as interesting during the Art Stage Singapore 2011 last week. Did you see me at the vernissage? I took plenty of photos and decided it’s best to split the blog coverage into two posts. Here’s Part 1 and I’m gonna dive right into my favourite pieces.

1. First up is my most favouritest piece (I’m kinda into the whole Honeysuckle/Coral Rose colors at the moment- in keeping with the 2011 Pantone Color of the Year and all, but hey that’ll a totally different blog post). This piece is gorgeous, it’s a photo of winter Amaryliss and the scale! Oh, the scale is friggin’ grand… makes me wanna jump into and start rolling around the creamy peach-colored petals. I can only wish for a wall space big enough at home to display this piece. One day, oh one day, when I move into a loft with ultra high ceilings. ;p *droolz*

The Moonberry Blog
Paloma Navares
Kisaeng, 2007

2. Moving on next, an oil painting by Chinese artist Zhu Yi-Yong. This painting of a young Chinese girl playing with a red string, shaped into a star is so captivating. I love how the red string jumped off the black and white background, and upon closer inspection, the artist had used small brush strokes to give the string additional dimension. I wish I can bring this home too.

The Moonberry Blog
Zhu Yi-Yong
Memories of China Series No. 22, 2010
[part of Red Star series]
Oil on canvas

The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog

4. I saw these two pieces by Taiwanese artist Hung Tung-Lu at the

The Moonberry Blog

8. Photographs by Shen Chao Liang. My photo doesn’t do this any justice at all, it’s best to check out his work online.

The Moonberry Blog
Shen Chao-Liang
Stage, 2006-2009

Okay folks, that’s all for this part. Follow me with more pictures in Part 2!

The Moonberry Blog
Artwork by Phunk Studio.


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