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9 Jan 2013

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I kickstarted the new year with an indulgent at-home spa treatment and been using Artiscent Citrus Brown Sugar Polish for the last two weeks. ZOMG, I don’t think I’ve raved about any at-home body scrub product before and can I just tell you how UHMMAAAAZZZZZINNNGGG this sugar polish scrub is!!!!? It is crazy awesome.

I love the fragrance of this product, which is all-natural and so refreshing. The Artiscent Citrus Brown Sugar Polish is simply bursting with the aroma of lemongrass and sweet caramel. I like that every jar is densely packed and even though the sugar crystals are coarse, using this product doesn’t hurt the skin or cause excessive abrasion thanks to the smooth oil base that acts as emollient. This body scrub doesn’t lather but it does leave the skin feeling very soft and clean afterwards. There is no gooey, oily, sticky, yucky aftermath either.

I use this Artiscent Citrus Brown Sugar Polish in the morning as a happy pick-me-up to start my day and occasionally in my evening shower to help me relax before bedtime. I suppose it’d be borderline sick of me to have the jar nearby when I work on the computer and sniff its content from time to time. But that’s how happy the fragrance makes me! The wonderful combination of aromas in this Artiscent Citrus Brown Sugar Polish makes me so grateful to have a sense of smell. Hahaha… you gotta smell it to believe it.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Artiscent

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Artiscent

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Artiscent

A wee bit info about Artiscent:

Artiscent is a new organic skin and body care brand that offers a unique and holistic approach towards total body care. Established in 1997 and originating from Bangkok, Artiscent uses Virgin Sesame Oil as the main ingredient for making its range of products. Artiscent products are high in Vitamin E content, anti-oxidant properties and an abundant supply of quality sesame seeds from reliable sources.

With Artiscent’s commitment and concerns towards the mother earth, its consumers, and society, Artiscent sources its sesame oil from a group of villagers who were determined to make a sustainable income from organic, ecological and chemical free agriculture. The product range includes essential oil, aroma body lotion, sugar and salt polish, body scrub, hand cream, foot spray, foot balm, foot scrub, among others.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Artiscent

I had never heard of this brand before, although I could’ve sworn I passed by a kiosk inside the Bangkok airport that carried this brand. Anyway, I’m so hooked on this Artiscent product lately that within the short span of two weeks I had used up almost half of the jar. Yes, I truly enjoy using it that much!

This amazing jar of body polish retails at S$42 and along with other Artiscent products, can be picked up at Feet Haven located at 136 East Coast Road. (Feet Haven is a premier boutique foot reflexology spa and is the official distributor for Artiscent in Singapore.)

I truly hope y’all can get to try this product, the fragrance… gosh I can’t get over the fragrance. It is so uplifting and refreshing, I seriously love jumping into the shower with this. It is such a pampering experience and makes me feel like Thai royalty. :P

One sentence conclusion: Artiscent Citrus Brown Sugar Polish smells heavenly and it is tropical paradise in a jar for me!



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