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20 May 2013

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I was at Glomax Aesthetics not long ago and tried out the award-winning Eternal Lifting Treatment that boosts collagen stimulation and tightens the skin. I find the treatment to be beneficial for me as I have high cheekbones coupled with hollowed cheeks from aging *grimace* and weight loss… Uh yeah, #skinnygirlproblems. This hollowed cheeks business ain’t a good look on anyone. You know how you used to look when you were a teenager, before you shed your babyfat? I know, I know, you most likely hated the way you looked at the time and had wished to be skinnier, taller, prettier, sexier, bustier, blablabla-fill-in-your-other-teenage-body-image-angsty-issues-here-blablabla. But you will agree that that round face and smooth bouncy skin are undeniably the visual keystone of youth for all of us.

The recent headline news about a blogger getting surgical fat grafting done onto her (originally flat and hollow face) to give her a plumper appearance is exemplification of how a more youthful and refreshed look can be attained through a fuller face shape. I don’t mean fatter or chubbier. I mean fuller as in filled and looking healthier. I also wanna use the word “plump” and not make it sound like a bad word, because plump in terms of texture is that babyfat bounciness that I’m talking about. Like, supple and firm skin. You touch it and it boings back. Have you seen what I used to look like ten years ago? Maybe look same same still *maybe*, but the texture of my skin was definitely much firmer at the time.

So the objective is to look youthful. The approach is to get a fuller appearance and have supple boing-y skin. The method – a completely non-invasive one I’m writing about here – is via Glomax Aesthetics’ Eternal Lifting Treatment.

The short video below will give you a better idea of how the procedure is done.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Fashionista Blog Glomax Aesthetics

Eternal Lifting Treatment utilizes RF energy to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, enhance collagen secretion, and improve skin’s elasticity over time. From the very first treatment, collagen fibers are contracted, giving an immediate firmed and tightened appearance. Bi-polar RF energy is applied to heat the dermis thereby strengthening tissue fibers and dermal collagen to improve skin laxity, sagginess and texture. Using proprietary advanced technology and an integrated skin cooling mechanism, the applied RF energy stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis to improve the skin’s elasticity, enhance collagen secretion and induce the production of pro-collagen for long-term effects.

The treatment itself was comfortable for me. There’s a slight suction sensation when the machine came in contact with the treatment area and short bursts of super mild heat could be felt. The heat was bearable and controlled by the beautician; she could dial it up or down depending on your tolerance level. There were just one area on my face where I felt discomfort from the heat: directly under my eyes. I think the skin there is too thin and delicate, whenever I get laser toning/IPL to phase down my pigmentation (at a doctor’s office), the periorbital area has always been painful and sensitive for me. But I suppose no pain, no gain and I just had to endure this no matter what because firmer skin in the periorbital zone = less visible eyebags, fine lines and crow’s feet.

All in all, with the exception of the under-eye area, the Eternal Lifting Treatment is pain-free and there are no side effects. This treatment is suitable also for the jowls, cheeks, forehead as well the sensitive areas of neck and decollete.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Fashionista Blog Glomax Aesthetics

Here’s my face – before and after – on the left and right side respectively. At a glance you can’t see any difference, so I’m going to show you more closely below.

Singapore Top Beauty Blog Anti-Aging Lifting Treatment Glomax Aesthetics

To better illustrate the immediate effects of this Eternal Lifting Treatment, I’ve drawn some lines and curves to show you the difference before and after. As you can clearly see now, the brow and eye area has been lifted on the side that had the treatment. Similarly, my cheekbone sits at a slightly higher position after the treatment. Another effect which I am unable to convey via diagram is the suppleness of the skin. Immediately after treatment, it feels tighter and bouncier – it has a bit more resistant when I press the surface with a finger. The boing-y effect that I was talking about in the beginning of this post.

This treatment is effective in diminishing the look of sagging skin and overall, gives my face a more youthful appearance. There is a definitive improvement in skin texture and laxity. Later that evening, when I applied makeup for a dinner date, I love how it glides on my skin and I looked so much more spritely and lively (somewhat of a departure from my recent surly self).

No wonder this Eternal Lifting Treatment has won The Women’s Weekly Best Non-Invasive Treatment Award 2013! The effects of this treatment in just one session wear off after about a week or so for me *sobs* – but it is a very good and effective picker-upper (literally) for a special occasion like birthday, wedding or anniversary dinner, for example. This treatment normally runs $400 per session, but I’m happy to share a special promotion code below for my readers to get the treatment done at a deep discount. I highly urge you to take advantage of this and try out the incredible lifting and collagen stimulating effects for yourself.

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FYI, I have been getting my facial exclusively done at Glomax Aesthetics for the last few months. After being impressed with a trial session, I signed on for a package and they have been taking very good care of my face – the recurring breakouts I was getting around my jawline and chin have diminished a lot.

Singapore Top Beauty Blog Anti-Aging Lifting Treatment Glomax Aesthetics

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