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14 Jul 2011

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Recently I made the acquaintance of a girl named Lace who bakes cupcakes. Baking is something she’s very passionate about and she shared with me how she has taken a really long time to perfect her cake batter. She told me that her cupcakes have a cake base that’s moist, tender and fluffy, and retains that moisture for days out of the oven, without any re-heating necessary. It also contains the right ratio of leavening agents such that rise/tenderness is provided, without leaving a metallic aftertaste. Whoa! I was definitely intrigued and had to try the goodness of these cupcakes out for myself. Besides, we don’t say no to cupcakes around here. Na-uh. *shakes index finger from side to side* }:)

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The three different flavours for the taste test (clockwise from top): Peanut Butter and Jelly cupcake, Cookies n’Cream cupcake, Vanilla cupcake.

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Cookies n’ Cream cupcake: Madagascar Vanilla cake base is loaded up with generous chunks of Oreos, then topped with a luscious, madagascar vanilla bean buttercream. Yummmzzz!!!

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As soon as I took the first bite, I was blown away by the texture, it’s indeed moist and soft. OMAHLAAWRDDDD~ I could pop half a dozen of these in one sitting all by myself, they are really really good. :9~ True to Lace’s promise, the cake was not dry or hard. It tasted like… it was fresh out of the oven. (Mind you these cupcakes had been sitting inside the box for nearly an entire day before I got around to eating them.)

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Don’t mind the mess at the background, clearly this cuppie was being demolished! I pretty much licked the plate clean because the frosting (as shown) is so fluffy and yummy. It is not too sweet and rounds out the flavors of this Cookies n’Cream cupcake very very nicely.

I am going to just come right out and say it. These have gotta be one of the best cupcakes I’ve ever had! This girl, Lace, has got serious mad talents and she definitely knows what she’s doing with her cake batter and frosting. I mean, heck I bake recreationally and have made cupcakes plenty of times before, but they never once turned out close to these cupcakes baked by Lace. I can’t get over how moist and delicate these cupcakes are. And incredibly, these don’t need to be refrigerated at all. The butter frosting didn’t even melt or get all icky, and the cupcakes remain moist for up to three days non-refrigerated. That’s amazing!

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Yes, there are two other flavors I should write about, but I highly recommend that you grab a bunch of these yourselves and do your own taste test. I’m pretty certain you’ll be raving like I am too. Lace is also pushing the envelope by creating cupcakes with surprising combinations of flavors such as Salted Caramel, Chocolate Irish Cream, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt….. :9~ My, oh my. Very decadent.

Check out more delicious flavors that Lace has come up with, and drool over all her beautiful baking pictures at When you are ready to have these cupcakes (and there’s no reason to hesistate really), you can order directly by emailing her or pick up selected flavors in person at Swirl Art – River Valley every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

These (Screw Magnolia Bakery, it’s way waaaaaaay overrated. I say it’s a tourist jaunt.)


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