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19 May 2013

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For the love of cheesecake and brownie, you now can have the best of both worlds with signature cheese brownies from The Baker’s Story. The Baker’s Story, helmed by owner and chef Eric Tan, boasts six signature cheese brownies that are one-of-a-kind. These velvety smooth cheese brownies are packed with flavors and at less than S$3 a slice, anyone with a serious sweet tooth with surely delight in these.

The original Cheese Brownie took six months of experimenting with different ingredients and combinations before Chef Eric Tan stumbled upon all the right notes of cream cheese and chocolate flavors. It has since become a best-seller and its popularity inspired Chef Eric Tan to develop more varieties.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Blogger The Baker's Story

These other flavors include the Mint Cheese Brownie, the Orange Cheese Brownie, the Crunchy Cheese Brownie, Banana Brownie and Walnut Chocolate Brownie (the last two are non-cheese based).

I dove into all six cheese brownies mentioned above and there can only be only one word to describe them: rich. My faves out of the lot are the original Cheese Brownie as well as the Walnut Chocolate Brownie. The latter’s ingredients add a nice wholesome crunch that contrasts nicely with the soft brownie. With that said, personally I find them all to be a wee too sweet for me and the texture is mousse-like, which is way too soft for my liking. I am aware that think this is a tricky one. I’m a hobbyist baker and I have made both cheesecake and brownie several times before. The ideal cheesecake texture ought to be soft and fluffy while I’ve mentioned before somewhere that I prefer my brownie to be cake-like and firm in texture. To bake these two dessert items together simultaneously and finding an ideal texture that balances both isn’t an easy task so I give kudos to Chef Eric Tan for his creation. However, I genuinely think that the overall texture can still be revised.

I’ll say that for me these cheese brownies need to be accompanied with a cup of warm tea and savored slowly one bite at a time. In other words, they are rich so take your time to enjoy.

Singapore Best Lifestyle Blogger

Singapore Best Lifestyle Blogger The Baker's Story

The Baker’s Story first opened its doors at Sin Ming Center in 2004 and a second outlet was opened in Tanjong Pagar in 2012. For those curious to try these cheese brownies for yourselves, check out The Baker’s Story website for other baked goods and store locations.

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