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27 Mar 2013

The third and final assigned theme for Singapore 10+1 Lookbook blogging contest thingamajigie is: Trendy Chic.

Singapore Top Design Creative Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Bali

Have you voted for the last two looks that I assembled? Look 1 was Glitzy Glam, Look 2 was Beach Beautiful. And we are looking at Look 3 now.

I keep telling myself, I’M IN IT TO WIN IT! Please vote, vote, vote. In the meantime, I need a drink and gonna help myself with a glass of red wine. Yes, I am still stressed from work overload but I’m curbing myself from swearing too much. For now.


Toning down to something a little more subdued while keeping it tasteful with a fun punch. Intentionally monochromatic – for the most part – and layering for an effortless transition from day to evening. During the daytime, simple tanktop and shorts. In the evening, pull over a loose tunic and attach lower half of multi-tasking smart leggings via built-in zipper. Cheers to that!


Singapore Top Design Creative Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Bali

The Grand Prize for this contest is an expense-paid trip (accommodation and flight) to Bali, with 2 nights’ stay in Le Meridien Bali + 7 Welcome Reward credits. So… please, pretty please? Vote for me and send me to Bali? *bats bats eyelashes*

Please help me out with your votes, because:

  1. Winner is determined by the number of votes each entry gets from the general public.
  2. Winner is also evaluated by number of fan interactions for the outfit on the Singapore Facebook page (i.e. number of likes, comments, shares).

All my voters will be rewarded with a special 10% discount code to be used across all properties on! Not only that, voters who have voted for the overall campaign winner will also automatically qualify for a lucky draw, in which they will stand a chance to win a 2D/1N staycation in a 5-star hotel in Singapore.

Voting is done on the Singapore Facebook 10+1 APP

Desktop link:
Mobile-friendly link:

Singapore Top Design Creative Lifestyle Blog Moonberry Bali Singapore

I want to win this. I want to be in Bali again. I want to be a Bali connoisseur when I grow up. Heh!





NOW!!! (coz there’s a voting deadline lahhh.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

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