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25 May 2012

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Happy, happy news!!! I have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 for MARY CHIA BEST BEAUTY BLOG! *woot woot* This is mucho exciting-ness because through the blog awards last year, I met so many wonderful people and gained many memorable experiences, so I am thrilled to be selected as a finalist again this year (in two categories too, nonetheless —Best Beauty Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog). Wheeeee~ Y’all gonna be voting for me, right right right???

Mary Chia is one of Asia’s leading beauty and slimming specialists, with famed Chinese actress Vicky Zhao as brand ambassador. I have seen the adverts around but not familiar with the brand so I’m eager to find out more and try out their signature services. Naturally, I can’t wait to share these experiences with all my readers as well. The next few weeks will definitely be fun-filled so come back to check on the blog often and stay close, okay? :) Bookmark The Moonberry Blog NOWWWWWW.

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I went for a preliminary meet-and-greet session at Mary Chia spa earlier this week and was delighted to find out that some of the bloggers who were in last year’s finals made it to this year’s as well. It’s nice to see familiar faces, yet delightful to meet the new ones too. I was pleasantly surprised when some of the other finalists came over to introduce themselves to me, letting me know that they read The Moonberry Blog. Waaahhhhhhhh!!!! *Ultra flattered* :”) Thank you so very much.

In between our girly chats, we all got our body fat and BMI analysis taken since Mary Chia is a slimming specialist center after all. Below is the result for my body fat and BMI analysis.


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As you can see clearly from the numbers above, my BMI, fat percentage and fat mass are all lower than the pre-calculated ideal range. I think in pounds so first thing I did was convert kilograms to pounds. 44 kg = 97 lb. FYI, the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life was 53kg (117 lbs) and that was around 2007-2008. But don’t hate me just yet…

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and/or Instagram, you’d know that in the last ten months or so, I lost a lot of weight drastically. I was yoyo-ing around 42kg for several months and physically felt hollow most of the time. Everyone who haven’t seen in in a while are still gasping at how much I’ve shrunk. It’s no longer “Hey, wassup” but they point-blank go straight to “Wow, you have lost of a lot of weight!”. I guess weight loss is generally a desirable thing but I lost weight due to extreme (and unwanted) emotional stress, so it wasn’t much of a joyful or confidence-boosting thing for me. That hollow feeling was really the crappiest. Sucks ass. Literally. Ugh.

With that said, even though I am currently a lightweight and can’t benefit from slimming spa services, I am still keen on other body refinement services that Mary Chia offers. Maybe the Body Detoxification Treatment, or Mineral Wrap, or e3Ca href=”” target=”_new”>Stretch Mark Lightening Treatment. Hur hur hur, yes skinny people have stretch marks too! Especially if there’s been a sudden weight gain then rapid weight loss. Eeps.

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Aside from going for select Mary Chia services, the other exciting thing which I’m planning to do is throw a spa party. During the party, my invited guests can experience mini pampering services like an Eye Revival Therapy, Tummy/Arms/Thighs Contouring Therapy, Express Gelish Manicure or a 30-minute Tension Relief Back Massage. Whoohooo!!! I love parties, especially girly parties. This is gonna be a lot a lot of fun. *cartwheels* Who wants an invitation? Leave me a comment below. ^^

The pretty girl you see above is gonna be my Mary Chia buddy and she will help me with party logistics on the Mary Chia side to ensure that the spa party runs smoothly. Heh! Ged the pun? :P

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Me being interviewed by the crew from organizes the annual Singapore Blog Awards and I was asked to share some of my thoughts on being a finalist again this year. The video is being edited as we speak but we shall put the theory of “the camera adds 10 lbs” to the test when it is available online. Kekeke!

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Incidentally, the cameraman had seen me in other events in the past and upon seeing me again at this meet-and-greet session, guess what was the first thing he said to me? ……. “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight!”


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Here are all the finalists with the Mary Chia management team who has so kindly opened their doors for us to better understand the Mary Chia brand as well as given us the opportunity to experience the signature body, skincare and spa services.

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In a few weeks hopefully we all will attain a svelte body that exudes confidence like Mary Chia’s brand ambassador, Vicky Zhao. But frankly if you ask me, it shouldn’t really matter how much you weigh. The key thing, imo, is CONFIDENCE. When you have confidence and feel good about yourself, you can totally rawk whatever outfit you put on (or take off if you prefer). Harharhar!

Anyway, please meet the rest of the finalists in the Best Beauty Blog category on my Facebook page →

Stay tuned for more!


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