Blending Borders

7 Aug 2011

Been in a broody mode lately and thinking of some stuff… along the lines of: You can take the girl outta New York, but you can’t take New York outta the girl. The borders are blurring gradually for me though so I did a quick and dirty digital sketch to express this. I needed to get it out of my system, because being displaced is a feeling that seems to haunt me throughout my life. I am getting so weary feeling that way. There has only been one place which felt as close as it could’ve gotten to a home to me but I’ve chosen to leave it behind. I miss it yet I do not regret my decision. Maybe, just maybe… somewhere along this sojourn, settling down happily will no longer be smoke and mirrors.

Big city, bright lights. Small city, equally vibrant lights.

My BFF had said to me, “Don’t worry, New York will always be New York. And it’ll be there for you.” What a comforting thought that is. :)

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“Is that what they call it?” I ask tentatively. “‘The city?’ Not ‘New York’ or ‘Manhattan’?”

“Yeah,” he says, with a light laugh. “I know it sounds arrogant. Like New York is the only city on earth. But New Yorker’s are a little arrogant. And they do think Manhattan is the center of the universe. Most New Yorkers couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”

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