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28 Jan 2013

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I was invited to check out Tokyo Bust Express recently… uh huh, don’t laugh! For those who don’t know who they are (like I did), Tokyo Bust Express prides themselves in offering natural breast enhancement without the use of any injections, pills or implants. Now mind you, I am generally skeptical about claims like these, especially because us gals have all heard too many variations of old wives’ tales of how to attain big breasts during our puberty years. Like, drinking papaya milk – which if any of you reading this have tried successfully, please leave a comment. I also recall this other method, shared by my Russian college classmate in freshman year, of sweating it out in a hot sauna or steamroom and then plunging your entire body into ice cold bath immediately. Supposedly this is effective in making the breasts perky. *rolling eyes* Sounds mighty uncomfortable, if you ask me. And then there was this Japanese F-cup cookie thingie that was the rage for a while; did anyone try that and did it really work?

So anyway, I wanted to know what exactly does Tokyo Bust Express mean by natural breast enhancement and what services/treatments do they offer. Most importantly, I wanted to know if the treatment works. I often get facials and also TCM massages, so I’d like to know if there’s any natural treatment for the care of my bossoms.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

What’s the common thing among the fruits/food shown above? :P They’ve been used to refer to the shape and size of boobs. Just as all of us have different body shapes, our boobs come in different shapes and sizes too. But let’s for a minute talk about boobs in a non-sexual manner.

I am a small B (I think) because that’s the bra size which I’ve been wearing comfortably. If you ask me, do I desire larger boobs… honestly no. Because I can’t imagine fitting big breasts comfortably into those lowcut and tight outfits that show off the cleavage. Sure, the cleavage is beautiful thing to look at and admire in some. I have a feeling though, that no breasts appear naturally perfect without a good bra that gives support and holds the breasts together. Once the bra comes off, the boobs tend to hang loose and flop outwards. Gravity. Yikes! Luckily my breasts aren’t heading south yet but I could’ve sworn they were sitting much higher on my chest in my early twenties. Then again, maybe my mind’s toying with my memory because I was really never a big girl – if you know what I mean.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

With that said, god forbid one day my boobs end up looking like these! I imagine care and maintenance of boobs is in order for most women, especially after they’ve given birth? And the older we get, I think it’s critical to pay more attention to the care of our body in general. Agree?

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

I had a consultation with Elsa, supervisor at Tokyo Bust Express (City Square Mall location). First thing she asked me was what my boobie concerns are, to which I didn’t really have an answer because I never seriously thought about it. I guess the usual, right? Don’t want them to sag, don’t want them to shrink. Hahaha! She shared that majority clients of Tokyo Bust Express desire a fuller and perkier bustline. Not surprising, I suppose. After all, our breasts are definitive feminine assets and I think perkier fuller breasts fit better into clothes better as well as give the overall appearance & body better proportions.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

During the bust analysis, Elsa explained to me that Tokyo Bust Express uses natural ingredients combined with non-invasive techniques to maximize bustline and address other aesthetic concerns. Namely, incorporating plants and herbs such as Fenugreek Seed Extract(which is rich in Phyto-estrogens; the word “estrogen” is something all of us gals need to be familiar with because it’s the female hormone), Mexican Wild Yam Root, Hops Flower, Dang Gui Root and White Kwao Krua. All these plants and herbs are so essential for optimal breast health because they are related to female hormones (used as replacement or supplement) and aid stimulation of mammary glands.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

After taking measurements etc., Elsa recommended a series of treatments which included a gentle scrub, the use of a microcurrent machine, a suction machine, then followed by a manual massage. All paired with proprietary Tokyo Bust Express gels containing the natural ingredients mentioned earlier.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

My customized treatment took place in a cozy room and even though I was a nervous n00b, it got comfortable very quickly and I fell asleep. It really felt like I was getting a facial for my breasts. :”)

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

Now here’s the moment of truth. BEFORE AND AFTER MEASUREMENTS. As you can clearly see from the notations above, the distance btwn left and right nippleschnipplez respectively (measured from chest) was effectively reduced. This means that my boobs became more centralized, instead of running off in opposite directions. This was again supported by the measured distance between left and right breasts (measured from the base) – the number went down from 24 to 23. That gap you have between your boobs, that’s the cleavage and you want that distance to be shorter so that the cleavage appears deeper. D’uh! As for the bustline, the measurement went up from 70 to 71.9. This basically means that after one treatment, my breasts… got fuller. *GASPS*


Seeing is believing, and even though I don’t have photos to share with you, I swear I could visibly tell there was an improvement. Not dramatic or tremendous, of course, but enough for me to see in the mirror that there were positive results indeed. Elsa even commented that with proper treatments at Tokyo Bust Express, my small B can be effectively enhanced to a small C (but of course it will take a series of treatments for that). Remember, I went with reservations and skepticism. I seriously didn’t think this bust enhancing thingamajig would have worked so I honestly was impressed after the treatment!

Singapore Top Lifestyle Design Fashion Blog Tokyo Bust Express

One of the things I appreciated the most from my treatment was the manual massage, when Elsa massaged away hardened lumps (nodules; don’t worry I have had a medical checkup to confirm this). If you recall, the last time I wrote about breast health, it was when I discovered a nasty fibroid in my left boob. Ugly business. This is also the reason why I was intrigued by the care and maintenance of boobs that Tokyo Bust Express offers – it’s not just for the aesthetics, but for healthier breasts too. Important matters like detoxification, improving blood circulation, preventing breast cysts and decreasing the risk of breast cancer.

Frankly speaking, the massage wasn’t entirely comfortable at first because god knows how long these irritating nodules have been lurking around. But after enduring the massage for a few minutes, I felt a whole lot better and physically it became relaxing. I don’t know how to describe this… kinda like, how a drain pipe would feel once it’s been unclogged. Yeah, something like that. :P You get what I mean?

Since I went for just one treatment, the effects weren’t permanent but they lasted for a good few days, so regular sessions would be in order to see more lasting results. This I understood fully before getting the treatment, so I was not disappointed one bit. However I must share that I was really pleased with the treatment I received at Tokyo Bust Express . It’d be against my conscience to write and promote Tokyo Bust Express on my blog if I hadn’t had a good experience there myself. Of course, everyone’s breast concerns and conditions vary lah, which is why treatments at Tokyo Bust Express are customized.

There seems to be a stigma of getting bust enhancing treatments = desiring watermelon boobs = negative associations of skanks and ho’s. But the way I see it, you get body massages, you do facials, you use anti-aging products, you take health supplements, you exercise to tone your body, you go for foot reflexology, but what about your breasts!? You know your twins are going to sag and there’s no winning against gravity or effects of time. So I don’t think it’s bad to begin taking care of them. NOW!!! Don’t wait. Oh, and don’t get me started on armpit flabs or back fat (which are rogues; they ought to stay put in the breast area and not spill all over all those unwanted places).

So for all of you who are curious and concerned about the condition of your breasts, please give Tokyo Bust Express a shot especially when there’s a chance to do so at zero cost.

Tokyo Bust Express Mega-Boost Promotion!

Get a personalized bust analysis, three maxi-bust treatments worth S$1088 (that’s two more than what I received), a Daizu Tender Volume Mask worth $S480 and a S$200 voucher (which I didn’t even get). All you gotta do is answer one simple question below:

TRUE OR FALSE? Tokyo Bust Express only uses natural ingredients combined with non-invasive techniques to maximise your bustline naturally.

Submit your answers by any of the methods below:
1. Follow this link and enter your answer.
2. SMS MBTokyo_FullName_NRIC_Answer to 8533 0226.
3. Call 6262 6161 and tell them MBTokyo_FullName_Contact_NRIC_Answer.
4. Email MBTokyo_FullName_Contact_NRIC_Answer to info@tokyobustexpress.com and mention Moonberry.

Just wanna repeat, all entries will receive:
• Personalised Bust Analysis
• 3 x Maxi-Bust Treatments worth S$1088
• Daizu Tender Volume Mask worth S$480
• S$200 Complimentary Treatment Voucher

Terms and Conditions:
– Strictly by appointment only.
– Promotion valid for 2 months.
– Females above 18 years old and above only.

Sorry dudes, you’ll have to look elsewhere for the care of your manboobs. :X

Tokyo Bust Express locations:

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road #B2-39, S208539

Park Mall
9 Penang Road #11-06, S238459

Nex Mall
23 Serangoon Central, #03-32, S556083

Novena Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111, S307506

Visit the Tokyo Bust Express website and Facebook page to better understand their services and treatments. (There are other testimonials linked on their FB page too, btw.) I totally do not regret getting my boob treatment there and it was a positive experience. I must say that I’m still very surprised that it worked!

*boobie bump*

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