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Tomahawk Steak Special At Raffles Hotel Long Bar Steakhouse

9 Oct 2015

Tomahawk Steak Special

Get your appetite on for a hearty Tomahawk Steak Special at Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar Steakhouse this October. Air-flown from Australia, the grain-fed tomahawk has higher marbling than its grass-fed counterpart, resulting in a steak that melts-in-the-mouth.


Recipe :: Thai Garlic Pepper Chicken Quinoa Bowl

8 Oct 2015

Another #eatingclean healthy recipe for the week! Thai Garlic and Pepper sauce over meat is one of my fave Thai dishes, and would often order a pork version at restaurants. Then I found out how terribly easy this is to make at home. White pepper makes this dish authentic, although it can be substituted with black pepper – or even a combination of both, if you want.


Recipe :: Grilled Salmon and Corn Rice Bowl

5 Oct 2015


Grilled Salmon and Corn Rice Bowl sounds like a fab meal since I’m (still) on a clean eating, post-detox phase. I don’t really know what the heck that means anymore, I only know that I’m (still) cranky and irritable every day. No one’s forcing me to eat clean, of course. It’s just that I’m thoroughly appalled by the number on my weighing scale, which is depressing. The last two weeks were brutal and I’d taken to brooding solo inside my cave, lest I chew the heads off of innocent bystanders.

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