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11 Jun 2011

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Antique Chandelier via wikipedia

When it comes to making a bold decorative statement in any living space, I don’t think anything can top the chandelier. According to wiki,

From the 15th century, more complex forms of chandeliers based on ring or crown designs began to become popular decorative features, found in palaces and homes of the nobility, clergy and merchant class. The high cost of night time illumination made the chandelier a symbol of luxury and status.


The light-scattering properties of [lead crystal – a highly refractive glass] quickly became a popular addition to the form, leading to the crystal chandelier.

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I think chandeliers have a romantic quality about them, because subconsciously they make me think of princesses and palaces. Opulent and luxurious for sure. It brightens up an entire room and is definitely a dramatic focal point in any room. And the thing about crystals is that they’re so shiny, kinda look like hung baubles… who doesn’t like that? Unfortunately chandeliers don’t look to be an eco-friendly lighting option (most certainly not those huge ones hanging from the ceilings of opera hall lobbies). And I often wonder about its maintenance, there are so many crystals and parts in various sizes, how do you clean the chandelier when it gets dusty??!? It also doesn’t seem very practical to have one in a modern home (read: compact space, low ceilings) but nonetheless, I still daydream sometimes of having one in my apartment. Maybe a small one, or something less ornate with simple lines, or a tabletop version, or even a wall decal (now THAT is the lowest maintenance option of all; and can be removed anytime).

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