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7 Jul 2013

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I haven’t made up my mind whether (a) I should be banging my fists on the floor because hair color doesn’t seem to wanna stick on my hair these days, or (b) I should just be glad that the default bleached blonde part complements my rockstar alter ego, hence I could get away with not having to do much to it. I could certainly go for another round of loud happy colors again but watch them fade in less than two weeks, so that’d be pointless. Besides, it seems that I am not left with much choice at the moment other than improving the condition of my hair first so that it is healthy. I decided that keeping it healthy is priority now and the way to do it is through getting proper hair treatment at the salon.

If you haven’t already heard, Chez Vous is having a 30% off GSS Sale promotion right now. Yes, THIRTY WHOPPING PERCENT DISCOUNT and it applies to hair treatment service too so there’s no better time than now to lavish major TLC on my hair. The hair treatment which I recently got from Chez Vous is the Arimino Privy Treatment which nourishes and strengthens hair protein. Precisely what my frizzy hair needs!

Even though I have been diligently using home-care products, in-salon hair treatments are necessary because it’s administered with more care and professional attention. The three steps involved in an Arimino Privy hair treatment are:

Step 1: Gentle wash PRO (shampoo + hair moisturizer)
Moisture rich, water-hold shampoo that cleanses while preparing hair for the next steps.

Step 2: Enrich Serum
Deep nourishment into the hair shaft and inner reparation.

Step 3: Hold Cream
Booster to enhance absorption and a finishing step to seal hair cuticles.

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

The result from the Arimino Privy Treatment which I had, as you can clearly see, is smooth and silky hair.

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

Not only is my hair soft and glossy, my previous color job which faded and looked dull when hair was frizzy is now visibly more vibrant and refreshed too.

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

I took more photos in natural light after I got back from the salon, to better show you the rejuvenated shine and silky hair texture after getting Arimino Privy hair treatment at Chez Vous. You know how a good hair day ALWAYS has an uplifting effect on one’s moods and is a confidence booster; I was definitely having one of those days.

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

When I ran my fingers through my hair, it felt stronger, more elastic and not as brittle as before. I am convinced that the deep nourishment from products used during the treatment contributed to this huge improvement!

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

I feel that after a few more sessions of hair treatments at Chez Vous, I can be ready to add bright color back into my hair again so I probably won’t be banging my fists on the floor after all. In the meantime though, I am pretty happy to do whatever I can to attain healthy hair that has softness and bounce. With the continuous chemical treatments that I’ve been doing year after year, honestly I can’t remember when the last time I had hair that’s naturally soft and bouncy was. Eeps!

Chez Vous Arimino Privy Hair Treatment

When I first got to the salon, I was groaning to my stylist Serene that I wanted to chop my hair off and go real short. Sensibly she told me to hold off on that thought and to sleep on it for a bit lest I regret my decision. Hmmm, now that my hair texture is no longer as unbearably frizzy as before after getting hair treatment, maybe I will keep my long hair after all. I did ask Serene to trim a couple inches off the bottom though, for a peace of mind.

What do you think, should I keep my hair long or cut it short?

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

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