Chez Vous Hair Makeover

26 Nov 2014

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore


My hair sponsor Chez Vous, at Ngee Ann City #05-05, recently underwent a major interior and branding revamp so as part of the celebratory launch, I was invited to sit for a hair makeover session.

Chez Vous, the ten-year beauty powerhouse has gone through a stunning facelift at their Takashimaya location. With a redefined layout and designer interior setting the stage for a series of innovative and ambitious initiatives, the 2,000 square foot beauty spot exudes a reassuringly unpretentious yet chic sophistication. It’s now so swanky and oozing with sexy vibe, if you ask me.

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

What started as a modest outfit in Bugis Junction in 1995 has since evolved into a 30-seater luxury salon in the heart of Orchard Road. Now with 2 other well-recognised outlets under the sub-brand Salon Vim by Chez Vous, the business has grown from a founding team of 4 to over 100 professionals across the group.

Do you know that Chez Vous is the “only hair directors allowed” salon? It’s the first of its kind in the hair salon industry in Singapore with an unparalleled roster of beauty experts. Every stylist at Chez Vous is a hair director with years of experience under their belts. My stylist is Serene and she has been looking after my hair for the last two years.

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Having undergone an impressive 360-degree renovation, the remixed Chez Vous tastefully flaunts a focus on aesthetics combined with experiential elements from arrival to departure. Uniquely conceptualised using defined “zones”, each part of the salon experience is carefully crafted. A trademark signature Chez Vous scent greets guests, as they are welcomed at the HYDRA BAR, a tasteful gourmet alcove complete with a divine selection of Laduree teas and organic nibbles. Patrons then take their pick from 30 posh and plush styling pods all equipped with in-seat entertainment gadgets.

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

The whimsical SPLASH wash bay dazzles with infinity mirrors and an artistic ceiling installation while the COCOON dome houses customised treatments, makeovers and other pampering sessions.

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

Chez Vous Hair Singapore

The WOW private room will provide sanctuary to the most discerning of guests; choose from an array of hair treatments or customise your own and let your hair get pampered from root to tip.


As you know, my hair ends have been bleached previously to attain a blonde-ish ombré effect and I’ve kept it this way for a while. Even though I’m always tempted to go for funky bright colors all over my hair, I have resigned to the fact that I can’t damage my hair any further.

One thing I have bitched about this endlessly and I have no intention of stopping is: Singapore’s humidity is horridfuckingly shiiiiiet for hair! It’s challenging for me to love my locks. Whenever I shampoo at home along with the unavoidable thrice weekly hair treatment every time, I am always involved in a frustrating tug-of-war with the crazy tangled mess that resulted after. I’m already using the widest-toothed comb I can find out there, mind you. If it wasn’t for Serene and her patience in caring for my hair, I swear I’d have raised a buzzer onto my head and shaved it all off. Okay, maybe not but it has definitely crossed my mind. In reality I DO love having long hair, when it is all sleek, silky and shiny… like, whenever I’m overseas, hello!?! It’s the bloody SG humidity, I tell you.

So this hair makeover session was more of a hair rescue for me (always). An intervention and temporary ego-boost you can say, coz good hair has that effect of making one feel like a million bucks. But no pain, no gain though. I sat at the salon from 10am to about 830pm, by the time I got home it was 10pm so it was an ultra long day for me. BLEH!

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Basically what took place (and took so darn long) was a process of harmonizing all the colors in my hair. Including refreshing my bleached hair ends – sans bleach. As my hair grew out plus color fading in the last several months, there’s a distinct separation between the base color and the blonde parts at the bottom half of my hair. To fix this, Serene applied Chez Vous’ signature coloring technique called Ikebana series which utilizes skillful execution of traditional weave and slice techniques, intertwining with the current balaombre colouring method. Using this method, hair is brought to life with greater depth, texture and dimension through harmonizing color combinations to form a gradually dyed floral arrangement; instead of having individual streaks or patches of colors that steal the attention away from the wearer. The effect is for the colors to blend seamlessly without any harsh separation mark, and also when my hair grows out the root color again will blend nicely into the colored strands, therefore prolonging the time in-between touchups. Keyword: BLEND.

Simple concept, but skillful technical expertise is required to attain that seamlessness because the slightest mistake in placement or chemical formula is gonna result in either fried hair, ugly hair, or worse – total breakage, in my case. *cringe*


My hair is a piece of work, because it took all day to harmonize the colors without it breaking. Serene, along with all the other hair directors at Chez Vous, is a pro when it comes to coloring. Just look at the other makeover participants who got beautiful colors on their hair that day…. I was salivating with envy at how gorgeously vibrant the other girls’ colors turned out. I want!!!!! But no — must not, cannot, will not. Because I can’t keep up with the maintenance and my hair’s super fragile already. :'(



While my hair makeover result was relatively modest compared to the two makeover results shown above, it yielded a brighter overall color compared to before without any additional bleach. And I’d also say the damage is being reversed and my hair appears healthier, it’s a gradual process which I’d like to keep going on. Thank you, Serene!




Btw, Chez Vous is a one-stop beauty hub where makeup and nail services are also available via appointment.



Since the hair makeover corresponds with the salon revamp, to spread the good cheer Chez Vous is inviting everyone to head on over to their Facebook page and cast votes on their fave makeovers (including mine!). Read on to see what’s in it for you readers.


Before and After. I cleaned up pretty good, no? From bummy to yummy. Kekeke~ :P

LIKE my pix on Chez Vous’ Facebook page for a chance to win S$100 service voucher. The makeover subject with the most ‘Likes’ get to receive S$500/S$300/S$100 service vouchers from Chez Vous. I’ll gladly pass this on to one of you awesome readers also, if I do happen to get the most number of ‘Likes’ on Chez Vous’ Facebook page – so go on, click that ‘Like’ button! :) :) :) Voting ends on the 20th December at 11:59 pm.



With my fave people at Chez Vous: Serene, Riz and Eugene. Can I just say that all the staff are very attentive and friendly? They are the primary reason I’m willing to endure sitting on my bum for hours and hours and hours, while getting my hair done.

Lastly… before I forget, Chez Vous boasts a team of experts who specialises in treating and cutting Caucasian hair, providing a solution to the difficulties many expatriates face in Singapore. Yep, you’re welcome.


Couple days after the hair makeover, my hair color settled into a fantabulous rich brown base that blends to a golden shimmery blonde. No harsh separation marks and hair feels soft too; what have I been saying about having good hair whenever I’m overseas huh? Took this selfie while I was at Gold Coast (which I’ll blog about soon).

Follow Ches Vous on Facebook and Instagram @chezvoushair. For appointments:

Chez Vous
391 Orchard Road #05-05
Ngee Ann City Podium
Singapore 238872
Tel: (+65) 6732-9388

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