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31 Aug 2012

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Oh sleep, sleep. Who needs it when things are so hectic and stressful around here? I often feel that 24 hours a day are barely enough coz there seems to be a list of things that spill over to the next day every day for me. So much to do, so little time. I haven’t been getting much quality sleep lately as I’m a night owl and generally have difficulty falling asleep also. Therefore I went to try out an eye treatment at AsterSpring this week in an effort to brighten up my eye area and look at least somewhat spritely, instead of walking around looking like a zombie. I may not be getting enough or quality sleep, but I certainly want to look like I have.

AsterSpring offers many different eye treatments, and the one I went for was the ChromaWhite Eye Treatment. AsterSpring uses Dermalogica products, which I am a big fan of. However, prior to this I had never tried Dermalogica products for eyes so I was curious to see how they fare.

Aster Spring | The Moonberry Blog

I had to fill out a questionnaire form prior to getting my treatment. Standard procedure. But I was sorta chuckling to myself because the questions made me pause for a bit and reflect on my lifestyle. For example, diet: Do you eat at regular meal times? (No.) What time do you generally eat breakfast, lunch, dinner? (No breakfast; late lunch; late dinner.) The number of glasses of water you drink every day. (4.) Do you drink alcohol? (Yes.) How frequently do you drink alcohol? (1-3 times a week.) Do you exercise regularly? (No.) And so on and so forth.

It’s like seeing all these information about my daily habits in black and white. And it made me realize the how, what, why and I kinda felt compelled to perhaps make a conscious adjustment to some of these lifestyle habits for my own sake. But hey, this is not a test after all. And no one’s perfect. :P

Aster Spring | The Moonberry Blog

AsterSpring’s beautician, Lynn, went through the completed questionnaire with me and made sure that I do not have any allergies or medical conditions that’d adversely affect the treatment. All’s clear.

Aster Spring | The Moonberry Blog

Prior to getting the eye treatment, Lynn did a face mapping analysis for me which basically broke down the various areas of my face and their conditions. I’m currently having several breakouts around my mouth and chin; another indication that I haven’t been getting enough sleep nor drinking enough water. :| Ugh. Isn’t napping sleeping? Isn’t alcohol mostly water? I kid, I kid.

The eye treatment wasn’t intended to address my breakout, of course, because on this day, I was focusing on my eyes. But I appreciated the face mapping analysis anyway as it made me aware of what I can do at home on my own to avoid the breakouts etc.

Aster Spring | The Moonberry Blog

Inside the treatment room, Lynn applied an exfoliator around my eyes after she cleansed my face. I thought this was interesting because generally (at home) people don’t exfoliate the immediately peri-orbital area. Most skincare products come with instructions to avoid the eye area, so an eye treatment like this at Aster Spring really helps to give the eye area some TLC as it’s often neglected. This exfoliation process helped to ‘scrub’ off dead skin cells around the eyes as well as renew the skin.

I have written before about how pigmented my skin is to the point where even my upper eyelids have freckles. }: And there’s no way to zap those off, imagine the pain!!! Ouchie. So this ChromaWhite Eye Treatment is an excellent remedy for fine lines and pigmentation, freckles and dark circles. This gentle treatment hydrates and improves skin condition at the same time, such as improving elasticity (the skin around the eyes is the most delicate and think about how much stress it’s subjected to whenever you apply and remove eyemakeup). It also acts as an effective anti-stress treatment for eyes, and is recommended for customers with dark circles, pigmentation/freckles on eyelids (THAT’D BE ME *gggrrrrr*), uneven skin texture, as well as dull and dehydrated skin.

What took place afterwards, unfortunately I can’t tell you because after the exfoliating process, Lynn proceeded to massage my eyes and it was so relaxing I zonked out within a few minutes. Completely knocked out and sent to La La Land. I did recall being woken up by my own snores though (and I don’t usually snore!!!). That’s how awesomely relaxing this treatment was.

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So this must be how my cat feels whenever I find her zonked out in La La Land.

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When I woke up, it was the end of the treatment already. Turned out that after I fell asleep, Lynn put on a double mask infused with a Dermalogica whitening serum over my eyes. I was very happy when I woke up as the skin around my eyes felt hydrated, tingly, brightened and I appeared so much more well-rested.

Aster Spring | The Moonberry Blog

ChromaWhite Eye Treatment uses entirely Dermalogica products and these products did not disappoint. What I enjoyed the most about this eye treatment is the massage though. I really can’t say enough about the fantastic eye massage. It felt really, really good. I can totally get used to this. :D

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I’m marveling at how I normally have difficulty sleeping, and just a few minutes of eye massage totally put me into a deep sleep. The ChromaWhite Eye Treatment at AsterSpring is awesome, I love it and need to get it again next time. They have other eye treatments as I’ve mentioned in the beginning, so perhaps I can try those out too.

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