Chronicles :: Introduction

1 Jan 2013

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Blast from the past: something or someone that returns after a period of obscurity or absence. It is normally applied to things that that were thought fondly of previously and are making a welcome return.

I decided I want to share bits and bobs of my old blog posts – over ten years’ worth of posts – slowly into this one. These days when I re-read those posts, I find them so amusing. And it’d be shame not to share them with y’all. I want this series of revived posts give my readers a glimpse of who I am, what I’m like, what I like and dislike. I think this blog will be quite colorless if it’s always about reviews or giveaways. Besides, this is a lifestyle blog after all and there’s an actual person with quirks + eccentricities that you may not know of.

It’s interesting to see how the juxtaposition of these pockets of time play out between then and now. Almost like watching an epic movie filmed throughout the span of ten years. So much time has gone by and I’ve pretty much made peace with the individuals who meant a lot to me during the early years (but no longer in my life now). I guess you can say it’s been a process of letting go and growing up.

In this Chronicles series, there will be old photos, old sentiments, old rants. Trust me, it’s amusing so I hope you’ll join me in relishing/releasing this time capsule together.

Starting with an old photo dated 2001.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Chic Creative Blog Moonberry

Time traveling,

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  1. Florenze says:

    Hello there, I was the winner of your philosophy’s give away and you sent me an email asking for my address.
    I emailed you back the address and another email bur received no reply…was wondering if you received it…

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