Chronicles :: What Melody Looked Like in April 2003

29 Apr 2012

03 Apr 2003

i was supposed to go to the photo studio to discuss project images, but the project manager called to reschedule it for tomorrow morning instead. i’m already all dressed up, and now i have no where to go. twiddling my thumbs… i guess i could go out to buy myself a pecan pie. but before i do that, i thought i’d clean up my photo folder first and i found several cute pictures of melody when she was still a 6 oz. tot. just posting one baby photograph today:

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Award-winner Moonberry

sitting atop a pair of plastic flip-flops. she was a bony cat with a large forehead back then. i could fit her in my palm and we could feel her ribs.

eight months later, weighing almost 3 lb (still very small). here she is, guarding a jar of peanut m&ms.

she has the cutest and most adorable pink paws, with tufts of fine silky hair. her little toes, they’re pink!!! awww… unfortunately, these come in contact with the litter granules daily, but still cute.

she sleeps all day, cuddles all night, chirps frequently and meows when she can’t find me. her belly’s squishy now and i can’t lift her up with just one hand anymore.

[Ed.] Naturally, I always go “Aww~” whenever I see pix of MM as a kitten. She’s such a cutie patootie.

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