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6 Apr 2013

4 Sep 2002

Argh – cellphones, cellphones.

My former service provider, MCI Worldcom Wireless, went bankrupt and subscribers were urged to transfer their accounts to Verizon Wireless if they want to keep their mobile numbers. after pondering this for quite some time and shopping around for other service providers, I decided on Verizon Wireless after all since (a) they have a pretty reliable network, (b) the plans are reasonably priced, (c) it’s one of the few service providers that works in my home; others such as AT&T do not yield any signal, (d) I get to keep my mobile number. The loyal Nokia fanatic that I have been was quite delighted to know that I get a free Nokia phone upon service activation. But to my horror, when the phone arrived yesterday, I realized that not only it wasn’t smaller than the original giant Nokia I had to live with for the past few years, the new phone was bigger than my old phone!!!!! Ack. No wonder it’s being given out for free.

After pacing back and forth in the living room and staring at two big Nokia phones lying side by side, I decided to spend some money to buy a smaller phone. Unfortunately nothing smaller in the Nokia line works on the Verizon network, so I decided to get a Motorola phone instead. The V60i with custom “midnight ruby” red cover that matches a cartoon-character-dangly-cellphone-accessory-thingie that JHF bought for me in Taipei.

Ahhh… my fickle mind keeps going back to the Motorola V70 (offered exclusively on Cingular network only) – but oh it’s soooooooooooooo sexy!! I guess I’ll have to gradually shrink the size of my cellphone one contract at a time. at least now I don’t have to be the laughing stock of everyone anymore for carrying a cellphone the size of a weapon.

In celebration of me finally owning a decently-sized cellphone, I even thought of a good tv ad on this:

Two businessmen walk into a cafe and sat down. They take out their cellphones and place them on the table – a giant Nokia 3285 and a mini Motorola V70. Realizing that the table is wobbly, one of the men calls for the waiter’s attention.

Waiter comes and inspects the table. He looks at the cellphones on the table. He looks at the two businessmen.

Waiter picks up the Nokia 3285 and puts it under one of the table legs. Table is very sturdy now.

Waiter flashes a satisfactory smile and asks: “May I take your order, gentlemen?”

[Ed.] Buwahahaha. Who else used to own these phones? RAISE YOUR HANDS! :D :D :D

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