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15 Sep 2012

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There is a new skin care store called Coast to Coast at Vivo City, I don’t know if anyone has come across this yet. Coast to Coast is Australian-owned and was created to capture the awe-inspiring beauty, rarity and purity of Australia, transforming everyday rituals into a sensory delight. The three collections Rainforest, Coast and Outback are made from a complex balance of organic and native ingredients, sophisticated herbal extracts, potent essential oils and active plant concentrates.

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There is a wide range of products in the store, ranging from hair care, body care to skin care. I have never been to Australia but I do have this mental association of vast rugged land (I think of the Tasmanian Devil *chuckle*) and lots of exotic flora and fauna that are exclusive to the land. Where else can you find koala bears and kangaroos?

One of the things that always trip me up is how the seasons there are opposite to that in North America. When us Americans celebrate the summer in the middle of the year, our Australian friends down under are all bundled up and experiencing winter. Similarly, when we celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Christmas at the same time too but in … warm weather?! I find that quite amusing.

My point is, Australia sounds like a really gorgeous place to visit and experience, with plenty of native flora and fauna that’s unique. But before I can haul myself to Australia, I am discovering some of these exotic plant ingredients in Coast to Coast products. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them, I know I haven’t.

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For normal, dry or sensitive skin, and to achieve a smooth & supple complexion:

The Coastal Collection has been specially formulated with ultra soothing ingredients collected from the Coastal regions around Australia. Botanicals such as Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Sea Parsley, Eucalyptus and Wild Rosella contain anti-oxidant vitamins and skin soothing nutrients to protect against dehydration, UV stress and skin inflammation, making it ideal for after sun care or for those who suffer from skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Fresh tropical notes of Jasmine, Grapefruit, Geranium, Rosewood and Eucalyptus essential oils uplift and refresh to lightly scent the skin.

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For dehydrated, dull or uneven skin, and to achieve a luminous complexion:

The Outback Collection has been specially formulated with anti-oxidant ingredients collected from the arid regions of Australia known as the Outback. The citrus fruits, such as Kakdu Plum, Desert Quandong and Desert Lime contain an abundance of Vitamin C, proteins and essential fatty acids to moisturize and protect skin against free radical damage whilst boosting the complexion, brightening skin tone and enhancing skin firmness and elasticity. Aromas of Buddha Wood, Bergamot, Peru Balsam, Australian Sandalwood, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils restore balance.

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For oily, combination or blemish prone skin, and to achieve a flawless complexion:

The Rainforest Collection has been specially formulated with skin rejuvenating ingredients collected from the leafy Rainforests around Australia. Botanicals such as Lilly Pilly, Rosalina, Alpine Pepperberry and Macadamia Oil, contain significant anti-inflammatory and potent antiseptic properties to help regulate, repair, calm and soothe the skin. Refreshing fruity notes of Sweet Orange and Mandarin energise and uplift while Vanilla and Lavender essential oils calm and soothe.

These ingredients in the three Coast to Coast collections sure sound enticing, but there are tons of products in the store. I’ve shortlisted a few that piqued my interest.

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Coastal Cellular Recovery Smoothing Serum, bearing the key ingredients of Sea Kelp and Natural Peptides.

This highly concentrated collagen boosting serum containing natural plant peptides and Marine Collagen absorbs rapidly into the skin to improve firmness and clarity while softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid, together with thirst-quenching, mineral-rich Tasmanian Sea Kelp locks in moisture to prevent skin dehydration and restores elasticity so skin appears significantly smoother and more youthful.

In other words: moisture + anti-aging. :P

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Body Souffle in Bronze, Gold and Silver. Key ingredients are Grapefruit and Organic Aloe. This trio are fun and leave a subtle hint of sun-kissed healthy shimmer on the skin. Move aside, bronzer. Hellooooooo there, shimmer body souffle. :) :) :)

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I can’t decide which one I like best, all three give a beautiful glow on the skin. Not only do they nourish, uplift, refresh and revive the senses, the lustre is oh so lovely.

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Rainforest Foot Care Collection, with key ingredients of Pepperberry and Peppermint. I like these very much because it is cooling and minty, perfect after a long day of walking around in heels. Shown above: Rainforest Contour Leg Balm, Rainforest Revitalizing Foot Exfolian, and Rainforest Intensive Foot Treatment. I feel that we don’t give our feet enough TLC. Whether you wear sandals all the time like me, or stand tall in heels, I think it’s important to shower some attention to your active feet from time to time so the skin stay soft and revitalized.

Coast to Coast firmly says “NO” to artificial colours, fragrances and animal testing. Products contain all natural and organic ingredients that have been grown, harvested, handled, processed and stored without the use of any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, phosphates, growth stimulants or antibiotics. For naturally beautiful skin, go for the natural approach. :)

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