24 Apr 2012

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13 Responses to Contact

  1. Bertina Bay says:

    Hi, very impressed with your work out there :)
    Possible to drop me an email regarding advertising rates on your blog? Thanks!

  2. TC says:

    Love your blog design :) Did you do it yourself?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Moonberry,

    I like your blog! I live in NYC and recently had eyebrow embroidery done. I read about your experience with this service and it seems like you are an aficionada on the subject. I was wondering, when you’ve had it done in the past, how long did it take yours to fade? Did they fade completely, leaving no residue? I don’t like mine, and I’m waiting for them to fade away. They are a light brown color. Any advice or information you have would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

    • MB says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for your comment. The first time I did eyebrow embroidery was at Browhaus in 2010 ( They pretty much faded for me within these two years, most likely due to the skincare products that I use (AHA, Retinol-based, etc. for whitening, spot-lightening, anti-aging blablabla). I went to do eyebrow embroidery again at Erabelle this year 2012 (; it’s been about half a year now and they are still looking great although the pigment has considerably lightened so when I have makeup on I use brow pencil to darken my brows slightly. But on a daily basis when I don’t put on makeup, my brows look really natural.

      What do you not like about your brows? Where in NYC did you get it done? Have you tried to go back to the same place and perhaps ask them to correct the shape/arch for you? Perhaps you can try that first. I wish I can provide more information or suggestions on where to get eyebrow embroidery at in NYC but I haven’t been back home since last Spring so I’m rather out of the loop with that’s going on in the city these days.

      Hope the above helps! Thanks for reading my blog, here’s wishing you a warm and merry holiday season. *xoxo* :D

  4. libbie says:

    May i know Brand’s collagen is before meal or after meal?thks

    • MB says:

      Hmm, I personally think it can be consumed any time of the day, but I have heard people say it’s optimal to take it at night before going to bed as that’s when the body is resting and supplements are best absorbed by the body during that time.

  5. Ern H says:

    HI MB, loved your article on Good Morning Towels. Tried to email you but couldn’t get through, msg kept bouncing back. Can you email me please – there’s something I would like to ask.

  6. Lisa says:


    I had a chance to view I found it quite interesting and was hoping to have some sort of a co-operation with you.

    I work with, a mobile app launched by REBTEL. This is a money transfer app for topping up pre-paid phones of your loved ones living abroad.

    Would you like to discuss some marketing strategies with monetary benefits for your website? If yes, do revert back to me at

    Good day,


  7. Yang cheng says:

    Dear Moonberry

    My name is Yang Cheng. I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue. Two of my NUS alumni and I are developing one amazing Lifestyle app called SURE which will be a one-stop marketplace connecting customers and individual professionals of local service seamlessly. We aim to make people’s life easier and we believe that booking local services should be easy, fast and definitely reliable. Through our app, customers can book a trusted service provider in just a few clicks. There are 7 big categories service providers in Sure marketplace but we will only focus on the Beauty&Wellness at the very beginning, and the target group is 22-40 office ladies. The app will be ready around early Aug. We wonder that whether we have the luck that you can help introduce our idea and passion to Singapore. Looking forward for your reply and we may talk for more details of the cooperation. Many thanks.

    Best Regards

  8. Zak says:

    Art blog post

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