Culina Luna

24 Mar 2014

Been meaning to do this for some time now but was holding out for the right moment and motivation. I am all for creative collaborations where two separate design minds come together to produce something new. Since way back in my early design days, I’ve been kicking around spontaneous ideas with my design peers and the experience of chemistry between two creative individuals to explore new results has always been exhilarating.

Culina Luna, The Moonberry Blog

Culina Luna is a creative playground where my friend Melvin from Betaphats Studio and I have merged our passions in film making and cooking respectively. Melvin is a talented, driven “video guy” with a great eye for coloring and grading. While I, a boho foodie, find cooking relaxing and it makes me happy whenever I can cook for and feed my friends.

We have a lot of fun filming the episodes, coming up with random ideas on the fly, goof around and ramble over our ambitions to take over the world in between grilling pork chops, chopping macadamia nuts and grating lemon zest. What we have come up with is pretty cool, if I may say so myself. Watching the finished edited videos is gratifying and we laugh at ourselves over them. I’m mad proud to tell everyone about Culina Luna!

Culina Luna, The Moonberry Blog

Culina Luna, The Moonberry Blog

Culina Luna, The Moonberry Blog

It will be awesome-balls to have you give us a nod of your support. Try out the recipes too and lemme know what you think. We are filming more episodes, so hop on board and follow, subscribe, stalk and like us on:


Culina Luna, The Moonberry Blog

Culina Luna, The Moonberry Blog

Collaborations such as this one is a good exercise for me to relinquish control, explore and expand creatively by not taking myself too seriously. I get so much in return by letting go of my ego and it frees me from personal creative bottlenecks. The anticipation of what will result out of it is exciting. The irony of collaborating with another creative and letting go is, it defines my personal style more acutely and it enhances my own projects. What I have learned over the years is that collaborations can be a hit or miss process, and that’s a-okay because in an unprecedented creative territory, there is no right or wrong. It’s a challenge to reflect, learn and grow. And that’s fresh!



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  1. Melvin says:

    Thanks for writing this beautiful article man!

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