Digital Camera Images Got Erased By Accident!

26 Jun 2011

This ever happened to you before?

Just last night I accidentally erased the images on my digital camera before I got a chance to back them up to my hard drive. *screeammmmssssss* It was devastating. VERY devastating, because I had taken hundreds of photos earlier during the day and it would be impossible to re-take them. I don’t know, I must have had a brief mental blackout moment or something. My fingers decided to go on auto-pilot mode, which was to press certain button combinations on my camera. (I have done this erasing sequence countless of times whenever I finish uploading my images, so I could do it without thinking and my fingers would know automatically where to press, even with my eyes closed. The irony of having tactile memory while handling digital memory. -___-” )

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Anyway, when this disaster incident was taking place, my head was in the clouds somewhere and the next thing I knew I saw the camera LCD giving me feedback of “No Image” and I immediately thought, “CENSORED“. Every image was gone, kappufft, adios, sayonara, no more. Then as if someone flicked on the lights in my head, I realized abruptly what had just happened. There was no way to undo, so the next impulse was curse even more to myself. Because it was really so stupid!!!

And I tweeted my panic.

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Then I received an almost-instant reply with the suggestion to use an image recovery software (thank you @julyclover!!!). I quickly googled and found several, but they were all for PC platforms. I settled on one of the free softwares with good reviews, called Pandora Recovery. It runs on the PC only though (of course… *rolling eyes*), so this was when the ASUS N43 LAPTOP CAME TO MY RESCUE.

(Here’s a reminder of why I presently have a PC in my possession.)

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I was able to feed my memory card directly to the front of the laptop (F:/ drive or something). Quick, quick, please tell me that I can get my images back. Please please please.

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Churning, churning, churning.

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OMIGOD. Look how quickly the Asus N43 and Pandora were able to recover my images for me. Am I seeing this correctly??? *blink, blink*

Total recovery time: 1 min 12 sec
Recovered 352.4MB in 226 file(s).


I was sooooo bloody friggin’ relieved after reviewing the recovered images and pretty much almost all of them were intact. About a couple couldn’t be retrieved and displayed properly, I don’t know why. But 2 out of 226 files was a miracle to be thankful for, that’s only like what, less than 0.5% casualty. So happy I could cry.

So what is the lesson learned from this incident?

Thank goodness there was an ASUS laptop around. And it was a fast one.

Sumthin’ sumthin’ Intel Core i5 i5-460M / 2.53 GHz ( 2.8 GHz ) ( Dual-Core ), 4 GB / 8 GB (max), 500 GB – Serial ATA-150`- 7200 rpm, 14 in TFT active matrix, Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Edition, DVD-RW / DVD-RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 425M / Intel HD Graphics, 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM.  I don’t understand the tech specs much, but I can tell you that the laptop had certainly been most useful during my little crisis. I am so giving it one big giant smooch before I return it. :p

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Yups, I am golden again. *^_^* Ahhhh…
Otay, thank you arigatoo bubye 再见~~~

Peace out,

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