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30 Aug 2012

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero is back this season with a gorgeous new range of bags and I went to the store last week to check out the latest designs. I spotted a few Caramel-colored bags which I think would be pretty for fall. Yah, yah, I know Singapore doesn’t have four seasons and every season is summer. But heck, I still think it’s fun to think of seasonal colors as inspiration for my everyday style. Variety is the spice of life! :)

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

So speaking of variety, I shortlisted three Tocco Tenero bags in this “Caramel” color family. You can call it brown or khaki, but I like to give a more descriptive name when it comes to colors. I say, this color family would be either Caramel, Honey, Brown Sugar, Milk Tea or Milk Chocolate. I don’t know why I am thinking of edibles only, but they certainly sound cuter, non? :p Come up with other more fun and creative color names of this hue for me, will ya?

What I love about this Caramel color is its neutrality and how it can match well with whatever your outfit you decide to wear. Be it bold patterns, floral prints, or solid color, this Caramel hue won’t clash with your outfit one bit.

And tell you what, this color is so neutral that when you’ve got both hands full on a shopping spree, for example, your boyfriend or husband isn’t likely to balk or feel embarrassed when asked to help “hold the bag for a second”. }:P Heheh!

Shown above (clockwise starting from top left) are:

EMELIA Leather Tote
Model number: TE197005
Material: Croco-embossed water-dyed cowhide with zip closure
Available Colours: Blue, Red, Brown, Black
Retail Price: SGD219

EMELIA Two-Tone Tote
Model number: TE197002
Material: Suede with Water Dyed Cowhide and zip closure
Available Colours: Beige & Orange/ Beige
Retail Price: SGD199

Model number: TE182001
Material: Pebble grain cowhide with gold hardware and twist-lock closure
Available Colours: Navy Blue, Khaki
Retail Price: SGD199

Which one is your favorite out of the three bags?

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Shown here is the BAMBOLA Satchel , which is a good size for office gals as the bag has plenty of room to contain your laptop, or iPad, book, notepads, stationery and whatever else it is that you gals carry for work purposes.

The color is a little bit muted compared to the other two Tocco Tenero bags, but still visually pleasant to look at, imo. The style is also fairly demure so it’s a good carry-all bag for work.

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Oh, and here’s my friend Claire who very sweetly joined me at the Tocco Tenero store that day. She’s been reading my blog and seeing photos of other Tocco Tenero bags which I featured in the past, so she was interested in viewing the bags at the store. Hi Claire, *waves*~ :D

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Shown here is the EMELIA Leather Tote, which sports a brighter Caramel color compared to the Bambola Satchel. It is also smaller, but this has a structured shape and it has a croc-embossed pattern which I find to be quite a chic motif.

A better look at the details of the bag below so that you can see the gold hardware up close, the croco pattern, the zip closure and all that.

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

This is a beautiful bag, isn’t it? It is affordably priced yet very elegant, thanks to all the careful details that’s been put into the design.

Photo Credits
Bag: Emelia Leather Satchel from Tocco Tenero
Photographer: Yong Sze Yuen Kelvin / Poof Photography
Art Director, Styling, Model: ME!
Location: Tocco Tenero Wisma Atria #01-33

You know good product photography is all about details, and lemme tell you it wasn’t easy to take photos of these bags (if I were to shoot these myself). Coz colors register differently on camera, compared to what our eyes see. You gotta have sensitivity towards details and also a good visual memory to reproduce a product color as accurately as possible. I’m definitely not an expert in photography because my experience lies primarily in art direction and also paying attention to the details so that images come out good. Therefore, a BIG BIG THANK YOU to my buddy Kelvin for all the photos in this post; sorry to spring this impromptu photo shoot on you! :P

Oh, and of course the Tocco Tenero management for allowing me to do this. I am not paid to do any of these, but I gain personal gratification whenever I’m able to produce something beautiful and inspiring (be it alone or as part of a team effort). Generally creative stuff that others don’t have the initiative, resource or madness to do.

That’s why lately in my circle of close friends I’ve been teased and referred to as the “Traveling Gypsy Muse” coz that’s what I do: spontaneously generating and seeding ideas, freely advocating brands thru tasteful visual expressions, and being a cheerleader to other people’s creative endeavors.

I’m hippy-dippy like that.

Tocco Tenero | The Moonberry Blog

Anyhoo, if you’re looking to buy a new bag (most women don’t need a reason to buy a new bag; just buy!) — I am happy to share an exclusive discount code for all my blog readers and social media followers:


[dropshadowbox align=”center” effect=”lifted-both” width=”550px” height=”” background_color=”#d1f2a5″ border_width=”1″ border_color=”#999999″]Mention code “MOONBERRY with Tocco Tenero” and get 5% discount (15% for VIP members).[/dropshadowbox]


This offer is valid until September 30th, at Changi City Point, Parco Millenia Walk, Wisma Atria stores only.

I think you can’t go wrong with this Caramel color family. I’m starting to build my Pinterest board containing this gorgeous color, so follow me and stay in the loop on what I’m up to there if you love this color too.


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  1. Claire. says:

    Hi Irene! The photos came out great and the photoshoot was fun! :D Help me say Hi To Kelvin haha. Thanks for letting me tag along and I’m glad that I (sorta) inspired you to love caramel hehehe it’s one of my favourite outfit/bag colours! See you soon dear <3.

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