Erabelle Beauty and The Browlogy

25 Jul 2012

One of the most-read posts on The Moonberry Blog is the eyebrow makeover which I wrote a couple years back, detailing my eyebrow embroidery process. Sad to say that my eyebrows have since faded and I have been dragging my feet about going back to the same place to get it redone. Primarily, because of the cost factor (it ain’t cheap!). I am super psyched that recently I came to know about Erabelle. One of Erabelle’s signature cosmetic artistry services, Erabrow is a bespoke semi-permanent colour service for your eyebrows. This service will lend color and depth to pale, faded and naturally sparse brows, and can restyle and reshape brows that have been over-plucked.

Erabelle Erabrow | The Moonberry Blog

Since there’s no such thing as one style fits all, recently I was at Erabelle Prestige (Visioncrest location) for a customized brow design with shape and color tailored to perfectly frame my face and eyes. You can call it a test drive, before I get it done semi-permanently. I love the overall atmosphere of the place as well as the lovely branding, it’s so cozy, girly and elegant all weaved into one. (Heh, no pun intended.)

Erabelle’s Erabrow is a multi-award winning service, namely 2012 CozyCot Women’s Choice Award Winner for Favorite Eyebrow Embroidery, Singapore Women’s Weekly Best In Beauty 2012 Winner for Best Brow Embroidery and Harper’s Bazaar 2012 Spa Awards Winner for Best Brows. I am impressed. What makes Erabrow special is the specialized “Softstroke technique” and Erabelle’s Micropen, where colours are applied just below the epidermis of skin to simulate the look of perfectly-drawn eyebrows. All services are conducted under the strictest hygiene rules.

Erabelle | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle Brow Pencil Giveaway | The Moonberry Blog

Erabelle Erabrow | The Moonberry Blog

Sorry for the grainy picture, my camera battery ran out of juice just as I got to Erabelle so I had to rely on my phone to take pix. :( The picture above shows the Before and After of the eyebrow design customized for me. The arch is made softer and the tail, ooohhh the tail, is much more defined. The sweet staff at Erabelle used the Long Lasting Brow Colour Pencil in Dark Chocolate to design my eyebrows. I am really so happy with my redesigned eyebrows that I am planning to make an appointment to get them inked semi-permanently at Erabelle soon.


These prices are so much more affordable compared to the 4-figure sum (and additional cost for aftercare products) at the previous place where I had my eyebrow embroidery done.

Erabelle Erabrow | The Moonberry Blog

Here’s the Brow Pencil that was used to draw in my custom-designed eyebrows. As you can see, it’s a pencil on one end and a brow brush on the other end. What a clever idea.

Erabelle Erabrow | The Moonberry Blog


7 Responses to Erabelle Beauty and The Browlogy

  1. germaine says:

    When my Brow Resurrection wears off I’m going to try Erabelle. My last experience was quite sub-par :\

    • admin says:

      How long has it been? I’ll let u know about my experience at Erabelle. I like how it’s so much more affordable, touchups and aftercare kit are included in the price!

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