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11 Oct 2013

Erabrowlogy Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Now that we’ve established I’m a slap-and-dash kinda gal when it comes to my makeup routine, efficiency and time-saving convenience are two huge factors for me. As many are already aware of, I have semi-permanent makeup on my face in the form of eyebrow embroidery and it has really saved me a lot of time. I’ve written previously about how having properly designed eyebrows not only brightens and frames the face nicely, I notice more and more that these days, softer wider eyebrows are the way to go to attain that feminine, doe eye look. So it’s worth repeating again that having the right shape and arch is important, and this is best left to the hands of professionals who are experts in eyebrow design.

I returned to Erabelle to check out their new eyebrow embroidery technique, called Erabrowlogy. Think of this as Erabrow 2.0.

(Keep reading, I have an exclusive discount code to share at the end of this blog entry.)

Erabrowlogy - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Here’s what my eyebrows look like before Erabrowlogy. Not terrible but I was beginning to find the width slightly on the thinner side and I wanted to broaden it a wee bit. See, I’ve been going to this makeup auntie to help me with my makeup on several occasions and while she’s pretty good at it, the one thing that she insisted on is shaving my eyebrows down. I kept telling her, NO! I already have eyebrow embroidery on but she went ahead anyway, so I had to clench on my teeth and took a deep breath while her electric eyebrow shaver thingamajig whirred away. In doing so – more than once or twice already – she whittled away at the original redesign and reshaping that I got on my eyebrows the last time I went to Erabelle. GARRRHHH!!!

I seriously ought to tell her to stop doing this, because not only is she messing up my eyebrow embroidery, her electric eyebrow shaver thingie is also causing ingrown hair which results in clogged hair follicles and then I get teeny annoying zits around my eyebrows. However with that said, the makeup she’s done for me really is good (as good as the word “good” gets, considering I suck at putting on my own makeup) but this assault on my eyebrow embroidery must cease.

So I went back to Erabelle to get my eyebrows fixed and thought I’d document the step-by-step procedure of Erabrowlogy on a blog article so that readers can see what’s different between Erabrow and Erabrowlogy.

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

What is Erabrowlogy?

Erabrowlogy is a more holistic brow service with a pre-treatment step and boosted aftercare routine, to give beautiful and natural-looking brows that frame the face with enhanced colour retention. The effect is expected to last from 2 to 3 years.

Like Erabrow, this service will lend colour and depth to pale, faded or naturally sparse brows and can correct the shape and colour of poorly-tattooed eyebrows that downplay one’s attractiveness.

Pioneers of this technique, Erabelle understands that oriental features are distinctly different from our western counterparts and have since perfected the art of designing women’s eyebrows according to six common Asian face shapes. Customised to your face shape, the shape of brows will be tailored to perfectly frame your face and eyes and showcase your assets. The colour of dye is selected to complement skin tone and hair colour.

Using specialized Softstroke technique and Erabelle’s micropen, colors are applied just below the epidermis of skin to enhance facial beauty, simulating the look of perfectly-drawn brows. Thanks to this, one is liberated from the rigmarole of makeup and yet looks polished and groomed every single minute of every day.

Step 1: Brow Preparation

A brow mask is applied onto the brow area that removes dead skin cells and excess sebum, whilst hydrating the skin. This is especially advantageous for those with oily or dry skin.

Eyebrow Embroidery - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

This is a new step and not previously experienced during my Erabrow session. This pre-treatment mask – left on the brow area for 15 minutes before being wiped off – contains tiny granules that gently exfoliates the brow area. With this additional step, it helps with color retention and the eyebrow embroidery will also last longer.

Step 2: Erabrow Design

Before the semi-permanent process takes place, we first need to see what the eyebrows will look like afterwards. Customisation design process includes face shape and eyebrow analysis, designing, trimming and tweezing. Creation of the perfect arch will then be done with Erabelle Long-Lasting Brow Pencil where shade is chosen accordingly to suit skin tone and hair colour.

Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Seen here, my eyebrows being redesigned. I communicated my request to Erabelle’s eyebrow artist about desiring wider brows and less arch.

Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Quite a bit on time was spent on this step to ensure that the eyebrow design was done correctly. All the Erabelle eyebrow artists are very skilled at this. *happy, happy*

Step 3: Patch Test

Patch test is done before procedure to test for any allergy to the certified colour pigment used.

Eyebrow Embroidery - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

While waiting, I was shown a brand new micropen tips still wrapped in original, unopened packaging. Erabelle observes strict hygiene standards which is why I trust them.

Step 4: Numbing Cream

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Even though generally speaking, the process of eyebrow embroidery isn’t painful, there may be some discomfort for those with low pain tolerance so the application of numbing cream ensures a comfortable experience for all.

Step 5: Application of Color

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Erabrowlogy Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Here we see the Softstroke technique, using micropen, creating the appearance of individual hair on the eyebrows. This process is repeated three times, with application of topical numbing cream in between, so while the first round may feel slightly uncomfortable for some in the beginning, by the second and third rounds the numbing cream kicks into full effect and the entire experience is not painful at all.

Erabrowlogy Eyebrow Embroidery Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Eyebrow Embroidery - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Btw, a session of Erabrowlogy takes about an hour. I nearly fell asleep throughout this whole procedure, except I was starting to get hungry and thinking of what I should be having for lunch as soon as this was over. Hunger and sleepiness don’t really get along, as you know. :p

Presenting….. My eyebrow embroidery results!

When the procedure was completed, I was very happy with the result.  The arch appeared less pronounced now that the shape was broader and wider, but not in an extreme way. :D

Erabrowlogy - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Erabelle - Singapore Top Lifestyle Blog Moonberry

Step 6: Aftercare Checklist

Aftercare is the first step to maintain the longevity of eyebrow embroidery. The Browlogy Care kit contains:

1. Aftercare cream  – To be applied every morning and night for at least 5 days of the color-settling process.

2. Hydra Cleansing Water – For ease of cleansing, Hydra Cleansing Water can be used with cotton pads to cleanse the face, avoiding the brow area.

3. Skin Calming Mask – To counter discomfort and redness after the procedure, it is recommended to use this mask for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th nights after the procedure for a soothing effect.

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Cost of Erabrowlogy

Erabrowlogy ……….. S$1,314
Consists of 4 color services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits. This is the package to get if you have virgin brows.

Erabrowlogy Redesign & Intensive Change ……….. S$1,690.60
Consists of 5 color services, with pre-treatments and Browlogy Care kits. This package is recommended for those who’ve done eyebrow embroidery elsewhere before and the skilled Erabelle staff will do a redesign to correct, change or enhance the previous design.

*As a general guide, 6-8 weeks between the first and second color service sessions; 6-8 months thereafter.
*Additional surcharge of S$214 applies for Master Artist request.
*Prices are inclusive of GST.

I did Erabrowlogy during the Erabelle roadshow at Wisma Atria that took place during 2-6 Oct (over by the time you read this), and Erabelle had generously extended a 30% discount off all Erabrowlogy packages to my social media followers and friends during the roadshow along with other complimentary gifts. Sorry if you have missed it, as it was a HUGE savings of S$400-S$500. If you haven’t already, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest scoop on other specials next time.

In the meantime, I am happy to be sharing here an Erabelle discount especially extended to Moonberry readers also. I hope everyone can use and abuse it, and save yourselves some money. :) :) :)


* Discount applies on 1st visit only.
* Discount does not apply on Master Artist surcharge of $214.
* Promotion will be valid for 1 year from this blog entry. Expires October 2014.

Visit Erabelle’s website for locations. Oh, and check out the other blog entry I wrote on my previous eyebrow embroidery session at Erabelle.


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  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for your post.

    your brows are looking good.

    I recently trained in London on HD brows. Its there number one brow treatment over there and is a well designed clever procedure that consists of tinting, waxing and threading.

    Im amazed at how unknown it is in New York. I have recently opened up shop in New York and would love to hear if you have any advice for me to bring more awareness to this wonder brow treatment.



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