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28 Jan 2011

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Fake moustaches (I normally spell it with an “o”) are quirky and funny. Don’t you agree? Just throw on a fake moustache on anything – your pet, your fruit, your drinking glass, your cellfone, and it becomes goofy. :) It’s an instant picker-upper, guaranteed to bring a smile… or at the very least, an upward curve to the lips. Heh heh!

The Moonberry Blog http://blog.moonberry.com
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The Moonberry Blog http://blog.moonberry.com
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The Moonberry Blog http://blog.moonberry.com

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Now I bet you didn’t know that there is an organization called The American Mustache Institute! !! WTH. And the different mustache styles have been given names for identification purposes, as shown in the illustration below. *Hilarious*

The Moonberry Blog http://blog.moonberry.com

Looking at all these mustache images reminds me of one of the most successful and longest running ad campaigns in modern history: The Milk Moustache! Featuring Martha Stewart, Dark Knight, Rihanna, Rebecca Romijn, Beyonce, lsen Twins, David Beckham, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston, Giselle, Angelina Jolie, Heidi Klum and many, many more celebrities.

The Moonberry Blog http://blog.moonberry.com

The Moonberry Blog http%sA//blog.moonberry.com

Spot the fake ad amongst the mix. ;P

Kekeke, peace out y’all.


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