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18 Jan 2012

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If there is a youth elixir that makes you beautiful from the inside out, will you drink it? Yes, there is such a special elixir indeed.

Introducing FANCL’s star product: The TenseUp EX HTC® Collagen Drink.

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FANCL TenseUp EX is an intensive care for women of all ages who wish to achieve and maintain firm, elastic and radiant skin. Packed with anti-aging ingredients such as their patented HTC® Collagen to replenish daily lost collagen and boost collagen synthesis to minimize signs of aging, its molecular structure ensures effective absorption into skin. Newly-added Apple Polyphenol combats photo-aging by retaining moisture, preventing DNA damage and the deepening of wrinkles.

Clinical test result illustrated below has shown the efficacy of this product.

The Moonberry Blog

How awesome is that for a youth cocktail?

Below are some testimonials from ladies who have used this product. Wow, it is evident that many people are raving and totally swear by this product. Seems that it’s also super popular with the brides-to-be crowd.

The Moonberry Blog

TenseUp EX is safe for children as well as pregnant and lactating women. One bottle a day, best taken after dinner or before bedtime.

Me, me, me! I want radiant skin too. Cheers…. *clink* :D

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