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12 Oct 2012

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I spotted fresh pink guavas at the supermarket the other day and was immediately intrigued to get some to juice at home, using the Tefal Tripl’Ax blender. I had never juiced pink guavas before, so I was really excited to try. Guavas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins A and C, folic acid, and the dietary minerals. A total of 6 tennis ball-sized pink guavas yielded about 4 glasses of fresh juice.

I cut up the pink guavas into small pieces, threw them all into the blender’s glass jug, added about one cup of plain water and three tablespoons of sugar. Juicing these was a total breeze because as soon as I turned the blender button to setting number 1, all the pink guava pieces got pulverized within a few seconds. It really couldn’t get any easier than that and within minutes, I had fresh pink guava juice to enjoy with my breakfast.

Mmmm, South East Asian living at its best! :9~






I would definitely buy fresh pink guavas again next time and some other ideas I have on what to do with them include making pink guava syrup to drizzle on pancakes, pink guava compote as a condiment to poultry and homemade meatballs, and pink guava martinis. Pink guavas are delicious and packed with lots of good-for-you nutrients!


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