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17 Aug 2011

So the latest craze it seems, when it comes to manicure, is Gelish. Well, okay I don’t think it’s suuuper latest because I had my first Gelish manicure done back in January and fell in love with it. But I see that more and more people are going for it now so I thought I’d write to share how wonderful it is.

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Gelish, by Hand& Nail Harmony is a soak-off gel product that works as a polish. Gelish cures under a UV light in 2 minutes, hardens like a gel, does not peel, or chip between maintenance – ALL IN A POLISH BOTTLE! This state of the art product has the control in application of polish, can be used for nail art and design, and soaks off 3 times faster than any other gel product. via

No, Gelish is NOT an acrylic or gel extension. Think of it as a nail polish, made of gel that’s painted on your nails in several steps (clear bottom coat, colored coat, shiny top coat; nothing new here). This gel comes in many different colors, just like regular nail polish. After painting it on, instead of air-drying it, it’s dried under a UV or LED lamp for a couple of minutes after each step and after the final coat — voila, your manicure is set. You can now go off doing whatever without worrying that the polish will chip. Wash your hands, rub them together, touch your fingernails, etc… the manicure won’t be disturbed at all.

YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Two minutes under a UV lamp for the gel to set and you’re done. And the color stays fresh, vibrant and shiny for a good 3 weeks without fading or chipping!!! YIPPETY!!!!!!

*cue in the ceiling splitting up in bright magnificent light to reveal a choir of angels floating on clouds*

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Gelish Color Swatch

I dunno about you but this TOTALLY works for me! I’m generally careless, or 粗鲁 rough with my hands, or plain bloody unlucky. I hate how my nails always look so good and pretty at the nail salon but as soon as I walk to the parking lot and reach for my car keys, scrattttttt–ccccccc—–hhhhhhhhhhh. -_____-” F&#^$@!!!! Or like how I don’t do any heavy cooking for weeks, but of all days the day of my manicure appointment I somehow find myself in the kitchen chopping stuff up to make dinner after getting nails done. O_o And I don’t need to spell out for you what that does to my fresh manicure. }:| The worst is French Manicure, which I happen to love coz it’s so elegant and ladylike, but immediately hate because the white tips are always the first to get chipped and so my nails aren’t perfect anymore. Ladylike, my ass! Looks more like I’ve been biting my nails instead (which I don’t). In spite of it, I once sported French Manicure continuously for a good year and a half but they were really very difficult + frustrating to maintain.

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Well, not anymore with Gelish! :) :) :) That’s why the first time I got Gelish, I chose French Manicure right away and true enough, the manicure lasted me all through Chinese New Year without a single chip or scratch. *BEAMS*

A quick note on removal. Because this is not regular nail polish, you can’t use regular nail polish remover. Duhhhh. Remember this is a gel so it has to be soaked off with its own Gelish remover. It’s best to go back to the nail salon and let them do it. The one I went to for my first Gelish charged me for removal; the current place I go to near my apartment does it for me for free. *Yeay*

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This is what my manicure and pedicure look like presently, done using Gelish. (Yah, I got Gelish applied to my toenails too.) *happy happy*

Gelish is awesome, right? :D

Next time I’m going to try Minx coz I want metallic nails. But honestly it’s gonna be kinda hard to go for anything other than Gelish from this point onwards. (._.)

Gelish Nails

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