27 Jan 2011

I love ginkgo because of its fan-shaped leaf which produces an unmistakable silhouette. So aesthetically-pleasing. I love how organic and beautifully unique the shape is. Ain’t nature grand? Nature has the most incredible designs ever and it’s inspiring + humbling all at once. I came across a ginkgo tree when I was in Seoul in 2009 and for the first time ever I held a real leaf in my palm. I was blown away by how perfectly imperfect it was! (You like the photo by yours truly above?) It was a profound wabi-sabi moment for me. :*) It is no surprise that over the years many artists and designers have been inspired by the ginkgo leaf. You can find depictions of ginkgo leaf in housewares, jewelry, stationery etc.

I have collected the following for your viewing pleasure:

1. Wedding invitation, 2. MIni rubber stamp, 3. Kraft cardstock punch-outs, 4. Wavy gold-plated pendant, 5. Ginkgo Leaf-it by Appree, 6. Dinner set from Target (discontinued).

1. Ginko Plate by Kiln Design Studio, 2. Michael Michaud Ginko Salad Servers, 3. Merimekko Ginkgo/Biloba Bed Linen, 4. Ginkgo Paper Leaves from Paper Source, 5. Night Leaf rubber stamp, 6. Small teal plate, 7. Vera Wang Gingko Dual-Sided Correspondence Cards, 8. Set of 6 colorful note cards, 9. Wrapping paper.

1. Hand-screened gold ink t-shirt, 2. Letterpress cards with envelopes from Satsuma Press, 3. 8×10 Fine Art Archival Print, 4. 8×10 Leaf Dot Pattern Art Print, 5. A pair of cast brass ginkgo leaves necklace, 6. Wall decal, 7. Journal.

Ginkgo and typewriter image by mayalu.

Peace out. :)



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