10 Feb 2011

Wall & Deco Wild Giraffe Wall Deco

When I was doing research relating to the safari-themed first birthday party, I realized that the giraffe motif was quickly becoming a very popular idea in the kids/baby department. I suppose it makes perfect sense, as the giraffe is indeed a gentle giant. Tall and intimidating in size, but so very docile. The last time I saw a real-life giraffe was when I went to the oyster festival in Long Island and it was such a gorgeous creature. I remember its gentle eyes were framed by beautiful long eyelashes. It stood tall, grand, confident, majestic, proud yet approachable and friendly. And the pattern on its coat….. distinctive, of course and instantly recognizable. If you think about it, giraffes are kinda very funny-looking animals. Mad skinny stilt-like legs and that crazy long neck. How can one not be fascinated by this strange-looking animal? And from what I’ve seen around, the giraffe design can definitely look nice beyond the children’s department.

1. Giraffe Bedding from Target, 2. Cuff Bracelet Giraffe Jewelry by Roberto Coin, 3. Say You Say Me Letterpress Card by luludee, 4. Moschino, 5. Cushion from Barneys New York, 6. Cushion Cover from Kenya Weaverbird, 7. Brentwood Knife Edge Chenille Giraffe Tapestry Pillow, 8. Safari Faux Suede Giraffe Cushion from A Bentley

1. Floral Giraffe Wall Decal, 2. Balinese Wooden Figurine, 3. How to Paint a Giraffe On Your Nails, 4. Giraffe Baby Shower Invitation, 5. Letterpress Pink Giraffe Bebe Table Number Cards by Rouge Press, 6. Plastic Animal Kids Lamp, 7. Giraffe de Lux Tights, 8. Vintage Pair Of Giraffes in Rust Fishnet Pattern Figurines

1. Giraffe Print Bead and Ribbon Necklace, 2. Giraffe Stools by Fratelli Boffi, 3. Regal Collection 300 Thread-Count Giraffe Print Full/Queen 3-Piece Duvet Set, Beige/Chocolate, 4. Giraffe Oversized Hobo, 5. Kenneth Jay Lane Giraffe Bracelet, 6. Modern Murano Glass Lamp from Formia, 7. Come Sail Away Pink Balloon Giraffe on Antique Book Page Print

1. Letterpress Illustrated Giraffe Notecard by The Paper Nut, 2. Baby Safari Giraffe Necklace in Fine Silver, 3. Vintage Giraffe Necklace at FreshyFig, 4. Mid-Century Footstool at Inged, 5. Jonathan Adler Pop Menagerie Giraffe, 6. Dooney and Bourke Giraffe Pocket Tote, 7. Colorful Giraffe T-Shirt, 8. Amika Ceramic Styler – Giraffe Design

1. Giraffe Linen Tote by Nana Company, 2. Giraffe Photo Earrings, 3. Giraffe Logo by Elena Zhitko / Lemika, 4. Giraffe Hair Bow Headband, 5. Sophie the Giraffe Teether

I’ve spent many early mornings driving back east-bound after shopping at the flower market, for clients’ events. At 7am in the morning, Manhattan was already up and around while the apartment dwellers were just about getting ready to start their day. I imagined teeth being brushed, faces being shaved, dogs being walked, coffee-makers being turned on, bagels being spread with cream cheese, newspapers being read. And I’d be sitting there inside my car, at the corner of Park Avenue South and 28th Street, waiting for the red light to turn so that I could get back and kick into full gear to my day also (by cleaning the flowers I just picked up). I often stared mindlessly – it was waaaaayy too early in the morning for me after all, and my gaze always turned to this peculiar-looking building that looks kinda like a giraffe. And what did you know…. the building turned out to be called Hotel Giraffe, which is a boutique hotel. True account, I kid you not. Seen thru sleepy lens, the building really does sorta look like a giraffe. :p

Peace out. *xoxo*



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