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30 Jul 2009

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The “taitai-esque” midweek lunch continues and this week, my gal pal Mong brought me to Jones The Grocer at Dempsey for lunch. *Woot woot*

Jones The Grocer is an Australian gourmet food store, with a cafe-cum-deli in the same space. In my eyes though, it’s kinda like Dean & Deluca. Yeah, I’m telling ya, you can take me outta New Yawk, but you can’t take New Yawk outta me! :P Housed in a restored colonial building and nested in the greeneries of Dempsey Hill, this is one very cozy gourmet store for a casual fuss-free lunch.

The Moonberry Blog

Lunch specials menu.

The Moonberry Blog

And if you are so inclined, you can also do some impulse shopping and pick up some gourmet items from the shelves on your way out. The atmosphere inside Jones is casual and comfortable. Soaring high ceilings, brightly-lit interior with a cookie/pastry bar in the middle of the room. Industrial, heavy-duty type of furnishing. The gourmet food items are the superstars here.

The Moonberry Blog

This is what we both had for lunch: Grainfed Roast Beef with Jones Dijonaise, Roasted Pumpkin, Jones Balsamic Onion on Turkish Bread. This was really GOOD!!!

The Moonberry Blog

I thought the food was a tad pricy for lunch but then again, the flavours were good and portions were generous enough. Quite an indulgence yet simple and flavorful, I’ll say, so it’s worth it. Besides, Mong (and her entire household) had just completed a home-quarantine mandate caused by a H1N1 affliction, so I was mighty glad that we could just relax and enjoy ourselves there over lunch. Can’t remember which flavoured tea I ordered, but I thought the presentation of everything served in an oversized square plate was nice.

By the way, all month (and possibly longer) I have been eating out every single day and it’s beginning to show around my hips. -____-” Hence, in an effort to save money as well as trim down the waistline, I think I’m ready to start cooking at home again… after like, months of hiatus. I don’t remember cooking anything memorable all year and it’s already July now. :x D’oh!

Jones The Grocer, Dempsey
12 Dempsey Rd
Tel: 6476 1512


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