Girly Lunch :: PS. Cafe Dempsey

14 Aug 2009

Uhm yeah, I went to PS Cafe again… this time the Dempsey location with PF and Joan for lunch. Gosh, I have been to pretty much all of their locations: Paragon, Palais Renaissance and Dempsey. I don’t mind the restaurant, but the portions are seriously ginormous!!!!!!!! I am trying really hard to maintain my weight these days… please, no more weight gain! Eesssh~

(I MUST GO SWIMMING AT THE CLUBHOUSE THIS WEEKEND!!!! Even if my red hairdye bleeds all over the pool.)

Baby K in a jovial mood. Not quite the same peace-loving pretty picture fifteen minutes prior, when she was screaming at the top of her lungs in the car ride over, because she had stranger anxiety. Stranger = me! :X

Hey Strange Auntie, stop pointing your camera in my face while I eat my biscuit. Okay!?

Soup and Sandwich Special. I ordered the Minute Steak Sandwich + Portobello Mushroom Soup. Ate half of the sandwich, got full (from Truffle Fries, not pictured) and packed the rest to go.

PF’s version w/ French Onion Soup.

Joan’s Veal Schnitzel over a bed of Spinach and Potatoes.

Lunch w/ girlfriends = I like! :D :D :D

PF and her “death grip” over her daughter’s throat. :P Kinda reminds me of those kungfu movies in which a pugilist taps on accupressure points to paralyze his opponents…. kekekeke!

I got so very excited over the Profiteroles on the dessert menu, because I’ve been craving it for the last two weeks. But everyone (including myself) was super full by the time we finished our main meals and couldn’t stomach anything anymore, so I had to sadly give it a pass. But now I know where to head for Profiteroles. *Yummm* ^^

Seriously must go swimming this weekend. :X

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