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27 Jul 2011

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My Bling Bear has been attracting a lot of attention lately. :p It’s BIG. It’s BLING BLING. Uhm, what the heck is a Bling Bear you ask? Why, it’s my new iPhone4 cover! (I call it the Bling Bear, because… that’s what it is. Hahaha!)

The Moonberry Blog

People first saw me carrying it at the Singapore Blog Awards 2011. And then everywhere I go after that, everyone’s been fondling it, snapping pictures of it for kicks and uploading them onto their Facebook walls. LOL! :P

Singapore's Top Celebrity Blogger | Bling Bear Giveaway
Is it cute or what?

The Moonberry Blog
It covers the iPhone4 front and back.

The Moonberry Blog
Just so you know, this is no ordinary Bling Bear. It has gotten a lot of media attention when Faye Wong (我的女神!) was photographed using it. And you know what a trendsetter she is. ^^ This Bling Bear is f-f-f-famous~~~

The Moonberry Blog
The front bear is brown.

The Moonberry Blog
The back bear is pink.

What d’ya think of my Bling Bear? It’s sooooooo friggin’ cute and 夸张 right??? :) :) :) I love love love love it. Yeah, it’s chunky and I’m raining crystals everywhere I go coz the individual bits get loose but that’s easily fixed with a dab of glue. It’s so flashy and blingy, I lurrrv it. ;P The size of my Bling Bear is a statement! My new iPhone4 cover is a conversation piece! Everyone’s been asking me where I got it from so I have GOOD NEWS for my blog readers.

I am giving away TWO Bling Bears!!!

Why, since I just won the Adonis Best Beauty Blog award at the SBA2011, I’m taking this opportunity to welcome new readers who just got to know my blog from the event as well as say thanks for your readership. I’m just so happy about receiving the award that I want to give something special back to my blog readers! :) :) :) Plus my mom saw the Bling Bear and immediately wants me to get her one, so I thought why not give a couple away to my readers too?

It’s super duper easy to join this giveaway. The two Bling Bears in this giveaway are brand new, valued at USD$128 each. I know this iPhone4 cover is super girly, but boys are more than welcome to join too. Just imagine the look of adoration in the eyes of your girlfriend/wife/significant other when you give her a Bling Bear. OMIGOD~~~ you’re *so* gonna get laid, dude! ;p Spring into action NOWWWWW.

The Moonberry Blog

Ways to participate in this giveaway and win the Bling Bear:

1. Like
2. Follow me on Twitter and tweet: I want my #BlingBear from @moonberry

I will be picking one winner each from FB and Twitter. :) You can also leave a comment on this blog post to help me keep track of all the participants.

Giveaway period ends 15 August 2011 at noon (Singapore time). You can tweet as many times as you want, each tweet counts as one entry. Anyone can join as I am willing to mail the prize anywhere. I will contact the winners via FB and Twitter to obtain mailing addresses. The Bling Bear is for iPhone4 only.

The Moonberry Blog
Oops, gotta go…. my phone’s ringing. Moshi, moshi?

The Moonberry Blog
Kekekekeke~ }:p

Good luck! I’m still pretty high on getting the award and plan to share even more goodies on this blog (I’m working on it), so check back or subscribe. YIPPETY!!! *happiness* :) :) :)

Spreading the joy = multiplying happiness = DAMN-IT-FEELS-SO-FUCKING-GOOD!
Otay, I gotta get back to my wuvydovey phone convo with Lee Hom. ;p

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