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27 Apr 2012

Okay, so it turns out that I have something in common with these buggers… who wants to guess what it is?

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Why, if you haven’t been paying much attention at science class (I didn’t either!), lemme tell you the answer: we — as in, the Lizzie the lizard, Elly the eel and Moonberry the me, are all living creatures that conduct electricity! Imagine that. Having something in common with these slimy, creepy crawly bastards. Eewwww!!! Sorry, I digress…

My point is, we all have bioelectricity going thru inside us at all times. Otherwise, why do you think we give off static charges whenever we touch or kiss during the winter? Uh huh, we’re pretty electrifying and dazzling like that. ;) Hur hur hur. Sadly as we age, our bioelectrical signals naturally diminish, leading to decreased cell-to-cell communication and production of essential proteins such as collagen and elastin. This can result in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven skin tone and other signs of ageing. *grimace grimace*

From the sound of it, we need this bioelectricity for cell-to-cell communication to happen. And when cell cozies up to cell, skin stays taught and firm, skin tone remains more even, wounds heal quicker (I’m of course talking about physical wounds; although I believe the cell-on-cell or rather, shall we call it “skin-to-skin” approach can work wonders on emotional wounds too, and it’s usually called Rebound,  sorry that’s a perverse tangent, heh).

AHEM. As I was saying… Take the gecko for example, when threatened it drops its tail as a defense mechanism to distract its enemies. Sure, it has no problem losing a tail because it can grow back very quickly and easily. Same thing with starfish — if you cut off one or more of its fins (which is a cruel thing to do btw, so please don’t do it), the fins will grow back. I kinda want to have that super power too, yo! But according to the laws of ageing, our body’s natural ability to produce bioelectrical signals diminishes as we grow older. WTF^#&$%@&^!!!!!!

So what can we do to bring this electric charge back? Thankfully we do not need to insert a finger into an electrical socket or drink battery, because the easy and painless solution has arrived in the form of skincare. The world’s FIRST Bioelectricity skincare, in fact and it’s very impressive.

The Moonberry Blog

RoC Sublime Energy is a range consisting of three complementary products: RoC Sublime Energy EYE (as shown above), RoC Sublime Energy DAY and RoC Sublime Energy NIGHT (both are shown below).

The Moonberry Blog The Moonberry Blog

Yes, I know the product name sounds very Star Trekky but that’s because they are serious about the science and technology behind it. I bet all the scientists and lab technicians look super serious too. RoC Sublime Energy products are based on a skin electro-stimulation technology, called E-Pulse, to create and deliver natural levels of electricity directly to the skin. This helps facilitate cell-to-cell communication that stimulates the skin’s rejuvenation process. If you don’t understand all those seriously technical jargon, don’t worry about it. What you need to know is:

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Each product kit comes in two parts. One. Two. They come in pairs, consisting of a concentrate containing zinc and copper particles and a separate activating moisturizer which is meant to create a micro-current of electricity over the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production. When the two formulas are combined, the power of E-Pulse technology is enhanced by the activating moisturizer, which increases the rapid flow of ions to dramatically rejuvenate the look of skin, delivering fast and remarkable results.

Beam me up, Scotty!

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I repeat. So there is step 1 (the dark grey gel which alarms most people, but I think it’s very cool) and there is step 2 (an activating moisturizer). Apply this onto your eye and/or face, and you will discover the power of electro-stimulation in cream. Reverse time and look younger! *woot woot* :)


Still not convinced? Or really very curious? Here’s a chance to try before you buy.



I am giving FIVE (5) lucky readers/commenters a sample pack containing the full regimen of RoC SUBLIME ENERGY Day + Night + Eye. All you gotta do is leave me a comment on my Facebook page by finishing this sentence:

I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because __________________________________.


Feel free to be as creative as you wish with your comments ok? }:) Make me laugh! Ewww, laugh lines. :x Here are my reasons to be excited about this product:

1. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I WANT TO BID FAREWELL TO MY DESIGNER EYEBAGS!

2. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because getting lasered near the eyes are mahfucken’ painfulllllll.

3. I am excited to try the world’s 1st Bioelectricity skincare because I can’t believe a friggin’ lizard is a more superior creature than me and therefore I want my cell-to-cell communication thingie to be equally as gung-ho even though I don’t have/need/want a tail.

And so on and so forth. Leave your comments on my Facebook page! (I can’t pick winners off the comment box below because people sometimes leave fake emails, etc.)

The Moonberry Blog The Moonberry Blog

And while you are at my Facebook page, do check out the photos I took at the RoC Sublime Energy event. I had a lot of fun and got caricatured! ^^ What d’ya think? Looks like me, doesn’t look like me? Hm? Hm?

I’m looking forward to reading all your comments on why you’re excited to try the world’s first Bioelectricity skincare. This giveaway is open all thru May 2012.

Go! There! And! Comment! Now! A-ZAP!

AZAP, ASAP… geddit?! Heh.


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