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21 Mar 2012

Lemme ask you all something… do you have an everyday bag and what do you carry in it?

An “everyday bag” is the one bag that you like to use over and over again. I’m sure everyone has their own personal considerations when it comes to everyday bags. Mine would be broken down as:

1. Size: I need a roomy carry-all. Naturally, clutches are waaaaayyyyy too small for everyday use. Talk about me having too much junk in the trunk, what with all the i-gadgets, camera, hand cream, lip balm, sunglasses, house key, mints, tissues, and a huge-ass long purse (I’m sorry, I can’t do those dainty folded wallets anymore because they just can’t contain all the credit cards, transportation card, store membership cards, receipts, coins, hair ties, bandaids – I know, I know, junk I tell you, but necessary junk!). These are default ‘staples’ in my everyday bag.

An ideal everyday bag for me must be roomy. Multiple compartments and pockets a plus (OCD alert!).

2. Functionality: What do you carry when you’re traveling; I mean, to the airport? I carry my everyday bag with me on-board the plane, because in addition to the usual default junk, it has to also house my passport, camera, sweater, magazines, iPad and charger, snacks, blablabla. Hey, going on eighteen or twenty-something hour long-haul flights ain’t exactly a stroll in the park and I need to have my in-flight/in-transit amenities handy.

An ideal everyday bag for me must be versatile enough for going to the mall, or halfway across the world. One bag, multi-purpose.

3. Low maintenance: I am known to put my bag on the floor and don’t have qualms about it. There’s been instances when I had to do that out of necessity. E.g. when I have my everyday bag slung on one shoulder, while both hands are carrying grocery bags, sometimes something else somewhere in some other store catches my eye and I just have to go take a look; at this point the natural thing to do is dump everything on the floor to free the hands for closer inspection of the aforementioned curiosity. I don’t really want to do what with an expensive bag, ya know? :P If you need to even wonder why, there’s a bajillionz unseen germs and bacterias on the floor *HELLO!!!*. I’d like to be able to toss my everyday bag into the laundry and wash it afterwards too. God knows how you can afford to do that frequently with a high-end bag! Too much maintenance and hassle, if you ask me.

Therefore… An ideal everyday bag for me should be low-maintenance.

4. Quality: As the term already suggests, this is a bag that you carry every day, day in day in, to and fro. My bag usually gets pretty heavy towards the end of the day because I try to stuff as much as I can into it and make do without shopping bags. With constant wear-and-tear, plus the potential weight that it needed to withstand, my everyday bag may be subjected to a lot of beating.

An ideal everyday bag for me must be able to withstand wear and tear.

5. Style: Duh’… If this isn’t a consideration, I’d have made a white plastic bag my everyday bag, wouldn’t I? :P I am generally a shoulder-slinging type of bag person, frees the hands you know? I think design is important when it directly translates to comfort. Think about it, if the straps are too short, the bag gets wedged awkwardly beneath the armpit. If the straps are too long, the bag hits your hip or thigh with every step you take. Either way, the annoyance factor will automatically disqualify it from being an everyday bag.

An ideal everyday bag for me has to adhere to the “form follows function” rule. Looks good, works good.

These days, my everyday bag is the Bobbie Bag from Tocco Tenero. It fits all the criterias that I have for an everyday bag and it comes in a punchy salmon-ish, tangerine color which as you know is one of the trendy colors this year. :)

This is a very pared down version of what I normally carry with me when I go out. I don’t have an iPad on me all the time, of course, but this Bobbie Bag from Tocco Tenero is the perfect size for it! The bag has multiple compartments both on the exterior and interior, so it is a highly functional bag that’s perfect for everyday use.

Singapore's Top Celebrity Blogger | Tocco Tenero

BOBBIE from Tocco Tenero: A sling bag with single leather-threaded chain sling. Body is coral-coloured pebble grain cowhide. Adorned with light gold hardware. Includes a tassel trinket and a gold and enamel lock trinket embossed with Tocco Tenero logo. Long cowhide strap included to provide for a more casual look.

A little bit about Tocco Tenero

The 3-year old label, Tocco Tenero, which roughly translates to ‘Tender Touch’ prides itself as ‘Replaceable Fashion’. In case you’re wondering what the heck is ‘Replaceable Fashion’, it is a term used to describe apparel that can be substituted with newer or different merchandise on a regular basis as the consumer sees fit, without burning a hole in his/her pocket. In order to achieve this, the five characteristics that define Tocco Tenero are:

Colours, Versatility, Functionality, Affordability and Quality.

Colours: Every collection features leather in various colours to brighten up any outfit.

Versatility: It allows the user to use the bag in different manners such as a shoulder sling, hand-carry, clutch or strapped across the body, while the bag itself also takes the form of different shapes.

Functionality: Tocco Tenero bags are designed to take you from work to play.

Affordability and Quality: This balance is achieved by investing time and effort into the research and development into maximising the use of materials and streamlining the production process without sacrificing quality.

Tocco Tenero does its part for the environment by ensuring up to 20% less cutting wastage of leather and maximizing the every inch of leather in their bags. Style, affordability and quality are married together as fashionable designs are produced monthly, crafted from 100% leather while maintaining superior quality at competitive prices of below SGD $200.


The generous folks at Tocco Tenero are giving away a brand new Bobbie Bag to a lucky reader.

Just scoot on over to my Facebook page → and LIKE the photo shown below.

One lucky reader will be picked randomly on 31 March 2012. :) I am enjoying this bag tremendously and I hope one of you lucky readers will too. I will post another picture soon of me with this bag but sporting a different outfit. Feel free to “LIKE” that photo on my Facebook too. Good luck! :D

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