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14 Aug 2012

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We are more than halfway into 2012 now and at this time of the year, the climate in Singapore seems to be more and more unbearably hot from one day to the next. Seriously, Singapore’s humidity isn’t very compatible with me and I often hate it. Lemme ask you, how many times do you shampoo your hair in a week? Some people I know wash their hair daily because their scalps get greasy at the end of the day — thanks to the friggin’ humidity, but honestly I don’t really think it’s a good idea to be shampooing so frequently because it strips all the natural oils off our scalps, and then the rest of the length of your hair gets depleted from this natural oil, resulting in dry ends. Yet, I know how yucky and down-right uncomfortable it is to be walking around with greasy scalp and stringy hair, not to mention the itch and the flaking.

Tsk. :[

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

I reckon shampooing daily is NOT an ideal solution, definitely not for me. (Because personally I find shampooing at home a bitch and I try to hold out so for as long as I can, until I can’t stand it anymore.) Therefore, I thought… how about going for a treatment that can completely cleanse the scalp and unclog the hair follicles, so that normal oil production can be rebalanced and then hair will stay clean longer. That would make sense, wouldn’t it? So recently I went to Glitz HairWorkz and tried out their Signature Scalp Treatment.

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

The treatment products that were applied on me were Exence Aromatherapy from REVIVRE, a strongly R&D-oriented brand from Italy with products that boast groundbreaking formulations that feature natural active principles, essential oils and phyto extracts. Exence Aromatheraphy is a set of professional products designed to solve scalp imperfections and it will take you through a sensory path made of aromas and interior peacefulness. All the formulations are natural, created with great care, and dermatologically tested.

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment is made up of 3 steps and it is an extremely delicate treatment for a deep purification and detoxification of the scalp, combating hair root weakening, bringing the hair bulb to its best condition of vitality and growth.

In other words: product cleans the scalp, detoxes it, then hair bulb is healthy again, so new hair can grow (and you also stop getting hair fall).

[ Haha, sometimes I much prefer writing in this “idiot-format” because I often don’t get all those flowery fancy-schmancy sentences and descriptions in most PR documents. Just keep it simple and straight to the point, jeebuz fries! What moon, flower, sun, wind…. gimme a break, we are not entering some poetry contest here, no one understands a damn word and everyone misses the point completely. ]

With that said, a picture says a thousand words, so let me take you step-by-step with photos.

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

Step 1: Application of ampoule/serum and a light massage to allow for absorption.

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

Step 2: After about 10 minutes of relaxation, hair gets shampooed.

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

Step 3: Hair-tonic get massaged into scalp, followed by another 10 minutes of more relaxation. Then hair gets dried and styled.

What do I think of Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment?

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog


Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

Because this treatment from beginning to end smells SOOOOOOOOO good. Aromatherapy products for the hair, yes. But it also appeals to all the other sensory triggers as well. The REVIVRE Exence Dermopurificante products contain Geranium Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Thyme Oil, Lavender, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Bergamot Oil… Oh, mama mia! I couldn’t stop smelling my hair for the next two days because the scent lingered and made me feel ultra good. My hair after the scalp treatment, the shampoo and the blowout was bouncy and super soft. I’m very very pleased. My scalp felt tingly and all refreshed; kinda like that feeling you get in your mouth after you brush your teeth….. the feeling of cleanliness and freshness!

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

And I know that my scalp was totally cleansed because I had the treatment on Monday and I didn’t have to wash my hair again until Friday! *WOOT*

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment (S$98) is suitable for people with all scalp-type even those with sensitive scalp (because the products are all natural and preservative-free), as well as those suffering from hair loss or loss of hair elasticity (ie. limp dry stringy hair).

Glitz HairWorkz Signature Scalp Treatment | The Moonberry Blog

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