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10 Sep 2012

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Recently I got to try this FDA-approved weight loss aid called GLOW Raspberry Ketone diet pills. Yah, yah, I know… before everyone screams at me and yells why I need to lose weight or be on a diet since I’m visibly thin already, lemme share something with you: I was on the treadmill the other night for a good half hour and the machine display told me I burned only 96 calories. WTF!!! That’s like, two puny slices of the roast duck I had for lunch that same afternoon. Half an hour on the darn thing and I only managed to burn off 96 calories!!!!!?!??? That is BS, I tell you. BS!!! }:[

I love to eat, and I eat very well. I enjoy food, but I don’t enjoy getting chubby as a result of it. Ha, I know right… I want to have my cake and eat it to. And frankly I am ultra lazy to drag myself to the gym, so if there is a safe, natural botanical ingredients-derived solution that burns the fat off for me quicker, WHY THE HELL NOT. Right?

GLOW Raspberry Ketone  is the only weight loss product on the market that combines the powerful fat burning effects of Raspberry Ketones with the natural slimming properties of the Wild African Mango. Unlike other raspberry ketone products that are available on the market, GLOW comprises a proprietary blend of fruity ingredients that also includes Acai and green tea. The first of its kind, it results in a combined effect of multiplied weight loss. The 100% completely natural blend ensures that there are no side effects from any chemical or synthetic ingredients.

So here’s what took place when I was taking GLOW Raspberry Ketone diet pills.

Glow Raspberry Ketone | The Moonberry Blog

Day 1: GLOW has a really sweet aroma of raspberries, after all its main ingredient is Raspberry Ketone — which is the aroma-causing agent found in the fruit. Took one capsule in the morning and so far so good, no side effects whatsoever.

Glow Raspberry Ketone | The Moonberry Blog

Day 2: Began taking GLOW Raspberry Ketone pills twice a day — once in the morning, once at night. Wild African Mango is supposed to be curbing my appetite, but I am noticeably hungrier. Ate more than usual, felt somewhat bloated. BUT when I measured myself on the scale, I’ve managed to burn away 0.2kg. WTH!? O_o

Glow Raspberry Ketone | The Moonberry Blog

Day 3: Almost 3pm, didn’t eat lunch or breakfast, and I’m not feeling too hungry yet. Ate moderate amount during dinner and got full.

Glow Raspberry Ketone | The Moonberry Blog

Day 4: Decided to stay away from eating too much carbs. If I can help it, I prefer to skip the carbs altogether. Showing good progress so far, as shown on the weighing scale.

Glow Raspberry Ketone | The Moonberry Blog

Day 5: WTF&#*$%^@O*&^!!!!!!!!!! I stopped taking GLOW Raspberry Ketone pills after September 1 because I got the flu and wasn’t having much of an appetite for anything anyway, so I didn’t think that I’d need to continue taking the pills. Because of that, all the weight (and more) came back! GARGHWTFBBQLED.


I continued taking the Raspberry Ketone pills for the rest of the month and unfortunately did not have any significant weight loss – except the 1kg dip during the first few days when I started. So what can we conclude from this, boys and girls?

1. In the beginning, my weight was going down in small increments (which goes to show that GLOW isn’t one of those crash diet pills that make you lose an insane amount of weight in a super short time; I mean, how healthy can that be!?).

2. I think GLOW is safe to take, but needs to be paired with conscious meal choices as well as regular workout routine – in order to see much more significant results. I did cut down on carbs but did not bother to go to the gym, so the 1kg I lost in a week came back with a vengeance as soon as I stopped taking GLOW. Which sucks and in theory, it shouldn’t have happened.

3. I was still eating as per normal (maybe a bit less quantity) while taking GLOW, I didn’t skip dessert either. Considering that my weight did go down, I attribute this to GLOW’s effective fat burning ability. Well, for the first week or so at least.

4. Strangely when I continued taking GLOW for the rest of the month, nothing happened. No weight loss and my appetite was kinda yoyo-ing all over the place.

4. I seriously need a friggin’ pedicure. Gosh. :X

My personal experience with GLOW didn’t really yield much to rave about. I am also not the best candidate for weight loss since I have low triglycerides to start with. Perhaps this product will work much more effectively for others and I’d read up on more online reviews if I were you to get a broader picture of how this product performs.


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28 Responses to GLOW Raspberry Ketone Diet Pills

  1. xin jie says:

    Hi! If you were to take the pills at night, will you feel that you can’t get to sleep? And may I ask, what are the timings that you take your pills at? Thank you!!

  2. xin jie says:

    Hi! May I ask what are the timing that you take the pills at? And will you still be able to sleep if you were to take them at night? Thanks a lot!!!

    • MB says:

      Hi Xin Jie, in the morning I take one capsule when I wobble into the kitchen after I got up. :P At night, I take one capsule sometimes either BEFORE I have my dinner or AFTER I have my dinner. I know it’s inconsistent but I’m just happy to remember taking it twice a day! I don’t have difficulty sleeping at night though, but I am not an accurate statement person for this because I sleep late every night. :X

      Are you taking the capsules too and are you experiencing difficulty sleeping at night? :o

      • xin jie says:

        Yes I’m taking it too!! But I take it in the morning as directed. And when it comes to dinner, I get very hungry :/ And too full during the day! Hahahaha. So I wanna try taking before dinner but afraid that I can’t sleep. Oh and I agree with the increased appetite thing!! Omg I eat like a cow now hah. :x

        • MB says:

          Maybe can try taking one more pill before dinner to help burn off the fat? I personally haven’t had any difficulty sleeping (but I generally sleep late anyway). Good luck! Any weight loss yet so far with just one pill in the morning? :)

  3. So are you going back to this now that your weight has gone up? :)

    • MB says:

      Yeah, I plan to finish the bottle. Altho i’m sick again at the moment with little appetite, so I will eat whatever I enjoy eating otherwise no energy ah.

  4. En Qi says:

    Today is day 8 of taking the pill and from 49kg I have lost a total of 2kg!! But I agree with you, it’s supposed to curb my appetite but I am still eating the same? :x

  5. Mong says:

    I am so going to try this next!!

  6. En Qi says:

    Seems like the pill isn’t working very well or maybe I have been eating too well.. Gained back 1kg Xp heh oh well I wonder if like a whole lot of diet control is really needed for this to work…. :<

  7. caitlin says:

    will my weight bounce back if i decided to stop eating the Glow pills like after 2-3 months, like when i decided that i had lose enough wieght??

  8. Karen says:

    Geez 45kg?! So this stuff actually works???!!! You ‘re totally tempting me babe! Are you still on it till today?

  9. Samantha says:

    So according to the above post and images i can only guess that one should never stop taking the pills until and unless they find any alternative for them !

    • MB says:

      Lolz, I guess that’s one way of looking at it. Personally I’ve stopped after I finished the bottle. I say, the best thing about this product which I love the most is still the lovely raspberry smell. :P

      Thanks for leaving a comment. :)

  10. Venus says:

    It doesnt work for me if I were to take one pill in the morning and one pill at night. I guess I have to take two pills at one go in the morning.

  11. Thembi says:

    Good day I would like to know if the Ketone is being supplied in South Arica particular in Gaunteng??

    I would like to order a supplement

  12. si rui says:

    Other than weight loss Is there any other visible results like thinner arms , flat tummy or something like that ?

  13. sheena says:

    Where can i buy this slimming product

    • grace says:

      I think the weight got put back because you were not actively flushing out the toxins. The flu could also be a healing crisis.
      Nontheless, I agree that slimming product must be in tandem with exercise and correct diet.
      At the moment, my family is trying out a really revolutionary slimming product.
      my mom: she is a foodie, so her appetite is usual, eat more but never felt bloated or put on weight
      my hubby: appetite curbed, more energy (helps since he has long meetings back to back)
      my aunt: appetite curbed.
      Is it a pill, capsule, liquid. Not at all! its a simple spray administered 5 times a day. so convenient. why is it so effective, because absorption is 90% to all the other ways that is only 30-40% due to poor absorption after going through the digestive system.
      If you want to find out more and try out. Please SMS me if you are interested.

      have a nice day

  14. Eden says:

    Did you continue taking GLOW? How did it turn out?

    • Moonberry says:

      I stopped taking after the first bottle since I find the efficacy of the product to be somewhat inconsistent.

      • susan says:

        Yeah I think the product didn’t work that well for me after two weeks, but in the first two weeks it was great… Lost 2 kgs! Same for my friend.. but she is still taking it now cos she swears by it (dunno why)

  15. xingXing says:

    May I know how much does it cost?
    How many capsules are there in the bottle?
    How many should I eat per day?
    How long does it take to see the results
    And is this only for.weight lose does it flatten stomach?

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