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25 Sep 2012

[NOTE: I have been consulting another geomancy guru for the last few years and IMO it’s a much better experience for me than with the one in this post. I’ll be happy to share more info and contact details, please email me via my FB page. Thanks! 13 Oct 2016]

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By now everyone probably already knows me as the hippy-dippy artist, dreamer, imaginative, airy-fairy creative being — which I am. Naturally I have my set of spiritual beliefs and faith, just like everybody else. Frankly I am not much of a religious person, but I do believe there is a higher being (some call it God, others call it Buddha, Allah, etc) and we don’t exist alone. As best as we can, we have been looking after our appearance, our health (mind-body wellness)… but I think we also cannot neglect our inner well-being. I’m talking about spiritual well-being.

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We are only human, we know we are puny tiny beings with many limitations and there’s a greater force at large that governs. That’s why I think we often feel the need to seek guidance and validation for our decisions. Other times, when we feel ‘lost’ and uncertain of what life has in store for us, we search for explanations and answers to make ourselves feel better. In practical terms, some people pray while others embark on soul-searching  expeditions. And I think the same goes for people who read their horoscopes daily, get their palms read, consult feng shui, and all that. Whether skeptics regard it as superstitions or not, to me they are all actions with the same objective: seeking guidance to improve the qualities of our lives and attain a peace of mind. A peace of mind = inner well-being.

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With that said, I’m a subscriber of the New Thought Movement and have been practicing the Law of Attraction since 2007. The Law of Attraction was popularized by the book “The Secret” – not many people know of or heard of it before, but I know it’s been getting more and more attention in Singapore (no, it is not a religion nor a cult). Based on the New Thought of Universal Laws that govern our existence, I want to impress on you two facts:

1. We are co-creators of our existence (ie. we’re not just living passively, waiting for things to happen to us. No, we make decisions daily and proactive about steering our lives to where it needs to go).

2. Backed by quantum physics theory, we are all molecular and therefore vibrate at our own frequencies.

I’ll explain later the relevance of these two points.

When it comes to astrology and divination, I’ve been intrigued since young (then again, I grew up as a dreamer). I believe that some people are “gifted” in the sense that they vibrate at a much higher frequency, hence making them much more sensitive and attuned to other vibrations around us. This is what makes a holy man holy, and also why your church pastors (or other revered spiritual leaders) come across as holy. Like, the vibrations they give off are usually calming and peaceful. Many of these spiritually-attuned individuals can provide insights that help us figure out the mind-boggling issues that bother us, and guide us to arrive at our own breakthrough points.

So last week Street Directory invited me to have an astrology reading with Guru Amma. Guru Amma is an Indian woman with aforementioned “gift” and like most individuals who have this, she uses her gift to help others by offering guidance. She does this by relying on astrological signs and the study of numerology. My reading with Guru turned out to be interesting because she was able to intuit and tell me stuff about my life that are true. I only provided her with birth dates of my family members and myself, and she was able to describe the personalities we have and the situations that we are in individually with great accuracy.

For example, Guru Amma suggested that I get myself checked out if I experience painful menstrual cramps as it may be caused by fibroids.

Fact: I have gotten myself checked out two years ago and indeed I do have fibroids.

There were several other things she mentioned and pointed out, which were spot on as well. I won’t disclose here on public platform the things she said since it was a private personal reading after all, but you’re welcome to drop me an email to query if you really must know.

[NOTE: I have been consulting another geomancy guru for the last few years and IMO it’s a much better experience for me than with the one in this post. I’ll be happy to share more info and contact details, please email me via my FB page. Thanks! 13 Oct 2016]

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You’re probably wondering what the limes were for. They were tools (think of them as visual aid) that helped to convey her reading and insights. Again, interesting and you’ll have to experience that for yourself.

I found Guru Amma to be kind, straight-forward and friendly. I personally don’t like dealing with (and stay away from) condescending folks that exude “holier-than-thou” vibes and insist on jamming their religious/spiritual beliefs down everyone’s throats. Puhleesss, spare me all that. Guru Amma didn’t strike me to be someone like that at all, she’s humble and respectful. Apparently she has a long list of regular clients who consult her on a regular basis, and so gives consultation based on appointments only.

If you feel that there are matters troubling you, or you’re experiencing some sort of mental/emotional burden and you need some sort of spiritual guidance, I say go get a reading. There’s no harm in that. The only thing I’d like to impress upon you though is to go with an open mind.

Personally I regard all these spiritual counsellors as messengers. I can’t always tap into the higher vibrations myself and during times of confusion, my mind is often too muddled to have the clarity required to arrive at my own answers. Therefore the gurus are divine assistants to help interpret what’s going on. Most of the time, the messages that I get from these gurus reaffirm what I have already known or sensed instinctively. So there’s really no need to be scared of “bad news” or “bad reading”.

Let’s go back to the two points that I made before: 1. We are co-creators of our existence. 2. We vibrate at our own frequencies.

What that means is: YOU HOLD A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. You decide the path that you want to take, because no spiritual gurus can walk that path for you. The best they can do is offer guidance and provide some possible answers, but ultimately you have to define the answers for yourself and take actions accordingly. Why, you ask? Because it’s your life. Not anyone else’s. Your life, your mind set, your actions. If things aren’t going so well for you, start by changing your frequency from negative to positive. You do that by THINKING POSITIVELY instead of beating yourself up and going down the dark spiral of depressive thoughts.

Last but not least, I leave with you with:

A Note from the Universe

There is perhaps, no greater debilitating belief, than thinking there are elements of your reality that you cannot control – be they fate, karma, the influence of other people, your stars, your palm, your loves, your looks, your personality, your intelligence, your sense of humor, or chocolate.

You simply decide everything, moment to moment.

Next decision please –
The Universe

PS: And while you may not remember all the decisions you’ve made, if you simply start with the ones you make today, it will always be enough.


Wishing you light, love and happiness,

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13 Responses to Guru’s Astrology

  1. Remember that YOU HOLD A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. You decide the path that you want to take, because no spiritual gurus can walk that path for you.

  2. Irina says:

    Hi, I recently went for a reading with her as well. She was pretty spot-on about my family and their personalities and the past. I would love to hear more from u but I know some of the things she shared with u are private and personal. Would you care to share more with me about your experience?

  3. Jay says:


    I read your blog about Guru Amma and am interested in seeing her. I have two children who are at the crossroads of their lives and am a little worried about their future. How would you rate her accuracy level? I do not mean to pry into your private life but could you give me some instances of this accuracy I have seen many Indian astrologers but not many that are good.

  4. rita says:

    did she recommend karma cleansing for you? she quoted a very high price and i wanted to know your experience on that

  5. Aravind Samy says:


    Jus like you said Guru amma is a very kind and humble lady. I went to consult her, she did say that I have karma and suggested me to clear it. I was suffering from various illness, bad luck and financial problem, but after I had Guru amma to clear my karma my life was totally changed in the BEST WAY. Thank you to that great lady who lit the lamp in my life. Now I am doing very well in life after clearing karma. Thank god I found her. Do consult Guru amma if you are also suffering like me…the best is yet to come

    • J. C says:

      Hi just wanted to check …. you said you did the karmic / karma cleansing?
      I was told to do so too but I find the amount on the expensive side…
      How will I know if there are good effects?

  6. David Eng says:

    Guruamma is a kind and gentle woman who takes much care on her clients. She is very humble and welcoming towards everyone regardless of your race or religion. When I first came to see my fortune, guruamma told me that I had karma and it was passed on to me by generations. I was shocked and surprised to hear that I was being chased and troubled by karma, which was not mine but from my ancestors. Well I was quoted a high price to clear my karma, which I was very hesitant to do, but told myself why not give it a try? I proceeded to clear my karma and did so. As the prayers was going on I was not able to feel much of a difference but after the whole process was over I was extremely surprised! I started to pick up in business and it soared high in no time. Me and my wife who were about to divorce got back together and now living a happy life with our kids. All thanks to Guruamma and her prayers. Now I feel that the high price for karma is so much worth it. I am sharing my experience with everyone because I would like everyone with problems to see guruamma and get rid of yours. Why hesitate to take the treasure when the key is in your hands? Waiting to hear many more miracles by guruamma….

  7. Terry Hull says:

    All went through well

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