Hello, 2012!

1 Jan 2012


This is a magically transformative year. The numbers five and three have a principle influence on the energy for this year, which creates an unparalleled opportunity for adventure, freedom and creativity.

This is not the year to shrink back, play it safe or fade into the background.

This is the season for spontaneous adventures, biting off more than you can chew, being unashamed, embracing the unknown, casting off restraint, breaking old patterns, being a bit naughty, laughing until it hurts, eating new foods, taking exotic trips, loving with abandon, going a little too far, speaking from your heart, making ridiculous money doing what you passionately love, waking up in wonder, going to bed exhausted, making new friends, letting go of old relationships, discovering new beauty in those you love and unlocking the infinite potential of your most remarkable life. — Keith Allen Kay

Thank you for all the love and support towards this blog. Wishing you a great new year ahead filled with plenty magic and light. :)

With love always,

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