New High Frequency IR-RF Face Lifting Treatment at SkinLab

29 Sep 2013

I recently went for the IR-RF Face Lifting Treatment at SkinLab, it is a new high frequency treatment that is fast and comfortable with no down time. While traditional RF machines deliver the RF energy deep into the skin through high frequency, it is being blamed for causing strong pain and requiring expensive consumables.

New IR-RF Lifting Treatment at SkinLab

I’ve written about my experience getting an RF treatment elsewhere before (in a nutshell, to me it wasn’t painful and visible lifting was evident immediately after treatment), what differentiates this treatment at SkinLab for me is a much less uncomfortable experience. This treatment sends gentle heat pulses on the skin and usually my cheekbones and periorbital zone don’t respond too well, but in this case the I was able to tolerate it really well and without any anesthesia too!

After the first few passes all over my face, I found the heat soothing and I dozed off. I appreciated the heated treatment bed as the room was air-conditioned and you know how I don’t respond too well to chills either, so the soothing gentle heat lulled me to sleep and I managed to steal a quick nap while getting this treatment. The face lifting treatment – about 45 minutes total including cleansing and a much-needed mini backrub after – focused on these areas for me: chin, jowl, lower cheeks and nasolabial folds as well as outer-eye corners.

New IR-RF Lifting Treatment at SkinLab

New IR-RF Lifting Treatment at SkinLab

Post-treatment, I think the collagen regeneration must be effective as my face exudes radiance afterwards and the firming effect seems to last longer as well. I waited until I’ve gone for two sessions before writing this in order to record my observations more accurately, and I am personally pleased with the results. Sometimes I think that perhaps all I need is more TLC for myself, get enough sleep, stress less and I will be glowing naturally all the time.

The new IR-RF treatment  at SkinLab promotes regeneration of collagen by heating the dermis through high frequency IR and RF energy at the same time to make up for various disadvantages and to solve limitations of other Light and RF machines (ie. pain and discomfort, temporary results that do not last).

This treatment is suitable for both face and body and the advantages of the face lift system are:

• simple and easy to treat patients without causing pain.

• reduce treatment time for the entire face up to 15 ~ 20 minutes at the shot speed of 2Hz.

• does not require anesthesia for treatments, and patients can go back to their daily activities instantly as it gives fast effects.

• patients can experience dramatic effects after 3 – 5 sessions at intervals of two weeks unlike the existing RF machines.

New IR-RF Lifting Treatment at SkinLab

I don’t have before and after photos to share because frankly the differences aren’t very dramatic to begin with as my overall skin condition is generally still pretty good (amen!); these treatments are minor tweaks and an effort in maintenance. I believe that the key to anti-aging is to start before you visibly look like you’ve aged, so before you get to that stage of looking old, begin getting treatments now to retain a youthful look for as long as you can.

The results I’ve experienced from this new IR-RF Face Lifting treatment are gradual, imo. Friends have dished compliments that my face looks more refreshed, so I take it that this must be the positive effects from the IR-RF Face Lifting treatment as that’s the only thing which I have gone for. Honestly, I am not best at reviewing this sort of thing because I don’t spend much time squinting into the mirror to figure out which areas are visibly showing signs of aging, but I do look at photos of myself and then suddenly realize “HOLYBAJEEZUZ, what are those lines on my face and when did they start appearing!?! *shrieeekkk*” – something like that, then life goes on, I get temporary memory loss until I suddenly remember I’d better do something about those lines. In this case, going to SkinLab for IR-RF Face Lifting.

SkinLab The Medical Spa is the combination of the comfort and attentive, yet unobtrusive service of a world class spa with the most advanced of medical techniques in the fields of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatology. Treatments are tailor-made for every individual to provide the best optimal results and change from time to time based on customer’s skin and body condition to suit individual needs and environment, while being backed and reviewed regularly to give safe and effective results. Using the latest and the best in technology, this ensures high success rate and satisfaction among customers. SkinLab’s staff have more than five years experience both locally and abroad and all have certificated training. They then also undergo continuous weekly assessment and on the job training.

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  1. disappointed says:

    I seldom leave a negative comment, but my recent experiences at The Skin Lab has left me terribly disappointed. I am an existing member at The Skin Lab.

    Every session that I go for at the Plaza Singapura outlet, I am coerced to either upgrade my existing package or to get an additional package with them. This always has to happen before AND after the sessions. It truly is not a relaxing experience at all, for me. The sales people simply do not accept no as an answer. I will stop signing up more package with them. Just a word of advice if you would like to sign up with them, be prepared to face up to all these, i guess.

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