Holy Crap!

15 Apr 2011

HOLY CRAP, A CRIME HAS BEEN COMMITTED IN MY HOUSEHOLD!!! The other morning I woke up to a surprise in my bathroom, courtesy of my kitty.

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How crappy is that? Litter-ally.

Thank goodness she was somehow smart enough (?) to have picked the bathroom as her crime scene. After getting over the initial surprise, I quickly picked up the poop with toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet, conveniently situated just two steps away. :P Phew. In retrospect, not really a terrible idea for her to poop in the bathroom…. in fact that’s where she SHOULD be doing her biznis. Maybe I ought to find a suitable corner in the bathroom for her litterbox.

I find it amusing that my cat has the ability to show embarrassment or guilt after doing something she’s not supposed to. Or is it just my imagination? This isn’t the first instance she has an ‘accident’ of this nature. One time she had a bout of mysterious indigestion and diarrhoead all over my pillow WHILE I was sleeping on it. The stench was so strong I was jolted awake and first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was this crazy poppy mess, just barely a couple of inches away from my face. O_O And the cat? She was hiding inside the clothes cabinet, tucking herself in between stacks of sweaters with a very guilty face. Yikes! My cashmere sweaters…… :| Let’s just say I had a very intense laundry day that day. -__-

So I’ve been fantasizing about some new kitty furniture again lately. Check out the last roundup I did here. How can anyone not love having non-fugly pet furniture which can blend in nicely with human furniture? I personally lean towards contemporary, modern style with simple shapes. A touch of cute is okay too.

1. Contemporary Litter Box Hider, 2. Ultra Mod Two-Storey Lounge, 3. Modern Cat Grass Planter by Agnieszka Bartosiewicz, 4. Pei Pod, 5. The Copenhagen Collection: Contemporary Cat Furniture from Designer Ree-Yong, 6. Kitt Pet Feeder from Qualy Design

1. V-Leg Micro Suede Memory Lounger, 2. Modern Day Bed Lounger, 3. Modern Chaise Bed Lounger, 4. ModKat Litter Box, 5. Lulu’s Hideaway by Pet Project, 6. Coco’s China Pet Feeder Bowl, 7. Cat Bowl Tray

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