Home is New York

14 Dec 2010

I am freezing my buns off. This winter is c-c-c-cold… DISLIKE!!!

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Juxtaposing present day me and some pictures I took in my apartment last year. Winter always makes me a tad melancholy because the weather is just so, gray and heavy. And it goes on and on for what feels like an unbearably long season. Depressing.

In spite of it, New York is still home to me. :*]

Along the same note, I received a birthday gift in 2009 with a card attached which read “Home is where your heart is” (yah yah, how cliché — that was my initial reaction, I even rolled my eyes for effect). Interestingly, now that I’m finally beginning to find my footing once again (baby steps), I feel an appreciation towards how true that statement is. I guess it didn’t become a cliché for nothing huh? Undeniably home *is* turning out to be where my heart is (but this is where I surprise myself because it’s not quite where I thought it would/should be). Ah, a sign of moving on. Good sign.

Uhm, sorry if the above paragraph reads like some crazy ambiguous rambling that does not make any sense. It shouldn’t, because I am also still figuring it out for myself. We’ll see – baby steps, baby steps.


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