How Glomax Aesthetics Got Rid of My Dracula Zits!

2 Oct 2012

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I’ve noticed that many people in Singapore suffer from severe acne and several friends I’ve met (I shall not name any names) have very visible acne scars all over their faces, which is attributed to severe acne breakouts during their younger years. A lot of people I’ve spoken to admitted that they have very very oily skin and prone to regular breakouts; no thanks to the climate in Singapore which I am really certain is the primary cause of this. I suppose I’ve been lucky because I came from a place with four seasons, but my face unfortunately hasn’t taken to Singapore’s weather very well either. I am worried that a few more years here, my skin’s going to age prematurely. I am already seeing the signs such as enlarged pores, fine lines, oily T-zone and acne breakouts which I hardly experienced in such ferocity in the past when I was in NY.

Glomax Aesthetics is a Singapore-based beauty center providing facial and body treatment services established in 2008. Glomax Aesthetics’s skilled therapists attend to unique skin conditions of individual customers, providing quality and personalised facial and body treatments in Singapore. The beauty center is situated inside a SOHO building (I am still learning that SOHO = Small Office Home Office, and not the hip happening shopping district in Lower Manhattan that I love and where I frequently hung out at).

The Moonberry Blog

Finding it wasn’t very easy at first, because it’s not inside a mall and there’s no store front. What I found was a door along a hotel-like corridor and when I went into the space, it was definitely not what I expected.

The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog

Glomax Aesthetics is a cozy beauty center which reminded me A LOT of the very first place that I got my facials done at (during my college student years) in Chinatown – and I don’t mean this in a bad way. Kinda similar set-up of an office building but with semi-homely amenities. I  like the vibrant blue wallpapering that Glomax Aesthetics has in one of the treatment rooms – so grand and gorgeous.

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Glomax Aesthetics’ beauty master Evon gave me an in-depth consultation to determine the best regimen for my skin. As each skin has its own individual character and deserves to be treated with personalized attention, every visit is customized to meet pecific needs, be it preventive or corrective treatments and skin care.

“We want clients to look renewed and radiant every time they visit us. It’s really possible to have healthier complexion each time and keep looking better without overspending.” That’s right. With 19 years of experience, Evon believes “you need to know the ideal pairing of treatment concoction to skin, what to touch, and apply the right pressure. It’s a test of a therapist’s skills.” Get prepared to have your every dollar and time well spent with a hallmark of satellite of treatments encompassed to leave you glowing sooner than you think.

I sorta let out a giggle at the question on lifestyle because even on other similar forms, I never thought that a relaxed lifestyle was ever an accurate description for me. No where close! Stress, yes. Busy, yes. And my insomnia is something of an unsolved mystery.

My particular concern that day was a pair of angry zits on my chin which I’d been staring at for over a month. I kid you not, it’s really been that long. They started appearing during my previous menstrual cycle and they stubbornly stayed there, refusing to budge and NEVER maturing. Meaning, they didn’t swell, grow bigger or dry up. Several times I was tempted to squeeze the fudge outta them but I didn’t know where or how to begin because they weren’t cystic acne. Naturally I was annoyed and frustrated as heck. There they were, staring back at me in the mirror every day like a souvenier left by Dracula. Gggrrrr!

You’ll see what they looked like below. Dayamn annoying, I tell you!

The Moonberry Blog

The Moonberry Blog

To start with, a sonic cleansing that gently lifts dirt and impurities off the surface of skin was administered on me. See pic 2 for the amount of gunk that was lifted off my skin. O_O Eeewww. And I thought I’ve been religiously washing and cleansing my skin daily at home. See, this is why we MUST go for regular facials. Washing face at home alone isn’t enough and evidently there’s still a lot of impurities on the surface of the skin that only a skilled professional with the proper tools can get rid of.

I’ve marked my “Dracula zits” (pic 4). When the beauty therapist finally squeezed them out for me, I heard a loud pop and what felt like a substantial amount of pus squirting into outer space. I wasn’t exaggerating, even the beauty therapist was taken aback by the geyser effect. :x Damn these acne duo had been buried deeeeeeeeepppp under my skin for a looooooooong time. I had been waiting for this moment for many many weeks. I said a quick silent prayer of thanks around the same instant as the loud pop, FINALLY my face was no longer at the mercy of this hidden pus pool.

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Now that the painful gory part was over and done with, next came the pampering luxurious experience. Yayz!!!! My skin was refreshed with a customized cocktail of vitamins blended for me.

*Brightening: Vitamin C (promotes collagen growth), Pentawhite (anti-oxidant, whitening)

*Hydrating: Chammomile extract (combat allergies), Pentacalmin (anti-inflammatory, repair broken capillary, anti-oxidant), ST complex

My fave part of a facial is of course the massage because it relieves soooo much stress. Almost always by the time the mask is put on me, I would’ve switched myself off like a light (now why can’t I fall asleep easily like that every night?!?). As was the case during my facial at Glomax Aesthetics; when the soothing mask was placed on my face, I zonked out.

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As you can see in the comparison photos above, my angry double zits don’t look as angry anymore although it’ll take a week or so for me before the blemishes totally disappears. Here’s the thing I find about my skin lately: I noticed that it doesn’t recover as quickly as before after a bout of acne breakouts and the scars take a lot longer than usual to completely go away. I need the four seasons, tsk. My skin has seriously gone crazy in this damn humid tropical climate. But hey, I’m grateful that at least the stubborn zits have been popped and now I can focus on healing instead of an angry staring match with the mirror.

I think Glomax Aesthetics is an excellent choice for people with oily, acne-prone skin. Admittedly I don’t exactly fall into that category as I have other concerns (ie. sunspots/pigmentation, enlarged pores, fine lines). However, I do get stubborn acne such as this hideous pair of Dracula zits around my mouth and chin during that time of the month, and I am very confident Evon and all her competent staff at Glomax Aesthetics can help me take care of those.

If you have oily skin and prone to acne, I highly highly recommend going to Glomax Aesthetics for facial treatments and see the difference for yourself.

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Of course, Glomax Aesthetics have other treatments also that address your personal skincare concerns. Drop in for a consultation with Evon and find out what she recommends. And if you’d like to go in for a trial facial, here’s a discount that I’m very happy to share.

Quote “Moonberry blog” to enjoy Sonic Cleansing Energie Care Facial 80mins at $54 (U.P. $108)

Oh, and one of these days (let’s aim for SOON and *permanently*) I want to be able to put a big fat juicy tick in the box that indicates “relaxed lifestyle” on all these beauty/skincare questionnaire forms. Haha, that’ll be sweet, won’t it? :) :) :)

Glomax Aesthetics
12 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central, #06-168, Soho 2
Singapore 059819
(Above the Clarke Quay MRT Station)
Tel: 6225 5193

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